November 30, 2011

Trippy Tales #47..."Dead Man Walking"

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"This incident happened to my girlfriend when she lived in Idaho. The year was 2001. It took place in the small town of Holly. Her house was right next to a main highway. One evening around 7:00, when she was alone in the house watching TV, she heard a loud crashing sound. She went outside to see what happened. There in the road under a street light was a car on its side with lots of smoke pouring out from the heavily damaged front end. She was a little frightened, realizing an accident had just occurred. The streetlight had some damage on it and was bent a little. It seems the driver lost control and slammed into it.

She started walking toward the vehicle to check on the driver and possibly offer assistance when a man came out from behind the car. She called out and asked if he was alright. This person stood there for a moment with a blank stare on his face, started looking around, looked at the car, then down the road. Again, my girlfriend called out & asked if he was alright. He looked right at her with no expression and started walking back to the other side of the car.

In the glare of the streetlight, she noticed the clothes he was wearing: a blue shirt with long sleeves, brown khaki pants, black shoes and wearing what looked like a headphone set. He had short black hair and looked to be like in his early 20s. She also couldn't help but notice that if he was the driver or passenger, his appearance was well groomed. Nothing was out of place, which was odd, considering the magnitude of the crash.

It was then my girlfriend went back inside the house and called 911. A police car on patrol with two officers quickly showed up. One officer quarantined the accident site with flares while the other tended to the victims. My girlfriend went up to one of the officers and told him she made the emergency call. He asked her routine questions about what she observed or heard for his report. Soon a firetruck and ambulance arrived along with curious onlookers who came upon the scene.

My girlfriend described the man she saw to the officer and inquired about his condition. She then saw the medics pull somebody out from the wreckage onto a gurney and start administering aid. As she watched, she realized it was the man she saw! She barely recognized the clothes because they were soaked in blood! One of the medics took the headphone set off that he was wearing and covered him up with a yellow sheet. She was informed by another officer the person was deceased! Died on impact!

My girlfriend started to freak! Even the officer who took her statement was at a loss for words. My girlfriend now firmly believes she saw the man's ghost or spirit. A spirit that was so abruptly taken from the body due to the accident, which explains the confused look on the man's face. When she thinks about that day she gets a little scared. At the same time, she feels sad for the victim, his family and friends. He was a young man."

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