May 22, 2011

Trippy Tale # 29..."Childhood Hauntings"

Hello and welcome back to the playhouse! I know my next entry was supposed to be a "true" story about a haunting in a public housing unit, but after some research, I discovered the story wasn't actually true, so that's out. I don't post creative writing. "Just the facts mamm!"  So in place of that, I've posted some spine-tingling tales that I think you'll like even better! They're stories of childhood hauntings that left a lasting impression! Enjoy!  :)

"When I was five, me, my one year old brother,and my mom & dad moved out of Atlanta to a suburb just northeast of the city. The house was your run of the mill, shoddily made Pulte home. It was two stories tall, had crappy siding made out of that material that rots really easily (don't know what it's called, but it's not wood) and was affordable for us as a middle-class family.
The first two weeks there, I had to sleep on the floor with nothing more than a blanket and a pillow until the third week when my mom finally bought me a bunk-bed.
It was the first night on this bunk-bed that I found myself randomly awoken around 12am for no particular reason. Light was shining under the door and someone was in the hall. Immediately after this, I looked up and across my barren room to see a tall, shadowy figure standing in the middle of the floor. Immediately, my heart froze.
Being deadly afraid of whatever "it" was, I turned around, put the blanket over my head, and and attempted to muster the courage to yell, for about an hour. Finally, I began hollering at the top of my lungs for one of my parents.
Suddenly, my dad busts in and sees me, I am utterly relieved. What he said next was something I did not need to hear.
"Did you see it too?" I sat there silently for a moment.
"No." I lied.
Either way, he slept on the top bunk, and startled, we both went back to sleep.
During my ten years in that house, we saw multiple "things." The worst one came some years later...I was sleeping on the couch beneath our balcony that overlooked the den and living room and saw two bright white heads, like children, staring down at me. I nearly crapped my pants.
The last thing I remember seeing, was a tall, slender shadow that moved along the wall and disappeared.
I went to school and checked out dozens of ghost books and studied them as much as possible. I then read somewhere that cats kept the "spirits" away, so I got two cats with my mom's permission. Believe it or not, this actually worked.
The last real thing that happened, as I remember, was someone whispering my name as I walked by the room where I had seen the "figure" and one of the cats walking out of a door purring as if someone had been playing with it followed by the door, which was hollow and made from balsa wood (thus physically impossible to slam), slamming violently, the cat didn't budge. Luckily, the entire family was there for that.
The worst part, was that it wasn't until we moved that my mom admitted to seeing those "things" too, she even named some of them that I hadn't had the courage to tell her about, but she never talked about it, so she didn't scare my brother. She was even more startled when she got the place tested for carbon monoxide, and came up short.
I talked to a friend years later and he said that it might have something to do with low wave frequencies and air pockets. I chocked it up to this, and to this day, I no longer believe in that stuff. However, there's no denying what we all saw and how creepy it was. I still have extremely vivid dreams about that place to this day and that dark shadowy figure standing in doorways,just staring at me in silence."


"When I was five, we lived in military housing out in Long Beach, California. My father was in the Navy and we moved around quite a bit. I have never forgotten this... There used to be an old lady that would appear at my bedroom window at night. It was so scary and all she ever said to me was "Boo!" She wore her grey hair in a bun and wore a high-necked old-fashioned greyish-blue dress. She also wore one of those old timey pink cameo necklaces. She was very old and it always frightened me to the point I wouldn't look out that window. It seemed that just looking out the window caused her to appear. I could see her plainly even though it was dark. It only happened at that place...I was glad when we moved on. I wonder why this happened? Was this a real ghost or just my imagination? Any ideas? I've always wondered about this and doubt it was some deranged neighbor since her dress was from the 1800's."

"Childhood Memory"
"I feel I should give you the background on my home first. The house is about 117 years old and I have lived in it my entire life. I would say the haunting started when I was about three years old. My mother told my I had an irrational fear of being alone upstairs and some times even being up stairs at all! When I was about 5, I remember things started to go missing and then turn up again in peculiar places. One incident, my mother had a jar of money that had vanished and a day later, I found it in my doll house, I had no idea how it got there. Along with things being misplaced, we heard disembodied voices, people whispering and my mother on several occasions, came to my comfort because she heard a child crying and assumed it was me, when in fact, it was not.
When I finally got my own room, I was moved into what I now call "the nightmare room". I called it this, because as the night went on and I stayed in this room, I started to develop a severe case of night terrors. Every night, I would wake up screaming from graphic gory dreams. I never watched horror movies as a child, so when I described the dreams in such detail to my mother, she was shocked. Eventually I was moved from the room and slowly. the night terrors stopped. But I kid you not, to this day, I sleep with a blanket over my head! I think the absolute scariest thing though, was when I was about eight...there had not been much activity in a while, and I was sound asleep when I felt the sensation of almost like someone gently tapping on my calf to get my attention. Well it was enough to get my attention! I opened my eyes and I saw a full body apparition of a young man by the end of my bed. I was so shocked that I just screamed at the top of my lungs, and just like that, it was gone, never to show itself to me again. As I got older, the activity slowed down, and now at the age of 20, they are almost never active. I don't know if they are just dormant or maybe they only show themselves to children. I guess I will never know. On a side note, in high school, one of my teacher happened to live in my house when she was young just for a short time. She confirmed that she too had heard things in the house and had small things go missing. Other than that tidbit, I know nothing about the history of my home, although I would love to some day find out."

Monsters Under Bed

Monster under bed