March 14, 2011

Jumpin' Through Hoops For Blogger!

Well kids, for those of you who aren't aware of it, I lost my old blog at blogger.

But here I am again...with a "new" blog!

(I know, it looks just like the old blog huh?)

But it's NOT! >:(

I tried and tried to recover my old account, but I couldn't.

I'm not even sure HOW it happened, but lemme tell ya, if ya ever lose your blog at blogger, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get it back!

(At least not with out jumpin' through about a thousand hoops!)

I gave up at about 500.  :/

For those of you who want to view the "old" blog, here's the link:

Unfortunately, the last post there, was INDEED, the LAST post there!

I can still view the old posts, but I can't add any new posts to THAT blog.

I sincerely hope I can get my old readers & followers back.

I'll do my best.

It can't be any harder than what I've been through with blogger over the past week! :/


I don't give up easily, and the blog must go on!

So with out further delay...follow the link below to the first terrifying tale!