May 4, 2011

Trippy Tale # 20..."Personal Ghost Stories"

Real ghost stories from real people...

"Boo's There!"
"Many years ago when I was in college, I was driving past a friends apartment. The light was on, so I thought I’d stop in and say hello. I was always known for being a bit of a prankster, and I happened to get the idea to freak my friend out. He never locked his door when he was home, so I slipped in and then slammed the door shut loudly.
Then I heard him in the back room say, “Hello?” and I backed up against the wall, ready to jump out at him when he came to investigate. Then he asks, “Who’s there?” with a bit of quiver in his voice. I kept still and tried to control my laughter.
Next, the lights went out and I didn’t hear a sound. So I figured he realized what was going on and decided to reverse the prank. I didn’t budge though, I was going to win the freak out. So I sat there and sat there…. not a sound. Sitting in pitch black in a friend's apartment was starting to get to me, but I thought, “I am not letting him win no matter what!” After what seemed like a solid 5 minutes, I gave up. I ran to the front door and flipped on the light and yelled “Dude?”
No response. I walked into the hall and turned on the hall light and then the bedroom light looking for him. No one was there! The bedroom had no window either. I then called him on his cell phone thinking it would reveal his location.
When he answered, he was out of town at a loud party with a bunch of friends. I flipped off the lights and got the hell out of dodge! Neither of us had an explanation. I don’t talk to that guy anymore."

"Double Vision"

"My mother saw her doppelgänger. About 25 years ago she walked into the living room one day to sit down in a chair. She was alone, but noticed something moving in her peripheral vision, looked up and saw herself walking down the hallway that leads to the living room. Her doppelgänger then walked up to the chair she was sitting in, and sat down “into” her. She said she wasn’t scared at all, just totally calm about it. I, by some crazy chance, had read about doppelgängers earlier that week, from a book in the library at school. According to the book, when you see your doppelgänger, it is supposed to be a sign of impending doom, but she's been fine ever since."

"Hangin' Out"
(With A Ghost!)

"When I was a kid, back at my old house, I had assumed my sister and I were playing in the attic, sister suggests that I hang out the window for whatever reason. A few seconds later, my dad,outside, sees me hanging almost fully out of a third story window on my own, starts yelling and running, etc. After I get pulled back inside, my mom and sister insist that I was alone in the attic for the last hour, that my sister was with my mom the whole time, and my dad had passed my sister (on the ground level) before heading back inside…
I assume at least one of them’s lying to me about something, certainly more plausible than a ghost tried to get me to kill myself… still…there’s the occasional whiffs of perfume or tobacco that I’d never smelled before, or hearing a chunk of a conversation coming from an empty room..."

"Carmel Is Dead"

"This happened a couple of years ago. I was staying at my fiances place one night, and she has a 6 year old son who’s room was right next to hers. I got up at about 1am to go take a leak. On my way back, I hear her son crying in his room. He has this stuffed cat from Build-a-Bear that he adores. It was his first ever Build-a-Bear that he got when he was 2 or 3 years old. It’s name is Carmel and it has once of the voice boxes that plays a meowing sound.
So, I go into his room and ask him what’s wrong, why is he crying? He said that one of the cats scratched Carmel as they were jumping off his bed and that he was hurt. I picked up his toy and look it over and see nothing. I ask him where Carmel got hurt, and he indicated to one of the toy’s paws. I gave it a kiss and said that it’s all better. He turned to me, tears in his eyes, and said that he wasn’t, and that Carmel was dead. I asked him why he would say that, and he responded that Carmel wasn’t talking. Thinking that he thought the voicebox was somehow damaged, or something and I activate it, and after it’s done meowing, I told him that everything is fine, and that Carmel still talked.
He looks up at me and in a matter-of-fact voice says that is the voicebox, not Carmel’s voice."

"When I was 12 or 13, my family had just moved into a new house (well it was new to us, in fact it was quite an old house). It was about 9PM and my mother and my brother went off to the grocery store and I was alone in my room putting my bed frame together. Then I heard a sound like someone moving around downstairs. I looked out the window and my mother’s car was not there. So I went to the top of the stairs and listened and I heard a huge commotion downstairs. It sounded like someone moving furniture or something.
At this point I’m not thinking paranormal, I’m thinking break-in. So I grabbed the closest thing to a weapon that was handy, a little hatchet, and I creep downstairs. The downstairs is completely dark EXCEPT for my mother’s bedroom. I can’t see in because of the angle but her door is open, her light is on and the sound is very obviously coming from in there. So I sneak right up the edge of the doorframe with my little hatchet and at this point it sounds like someone is bouncing off the walls in there.
I screw up my courage and announce in a loud voice “I’ve got a gun!”. At that moment two things happened. One, the light in the room went out instantly. Two, something came out of the room and rushed past me. There was a window in front of me and a streetlight outside and the thing that went by me passed in front of that light.
This is the part that after decades of thinking about it I’ve started to doubt. But I can tell you at the time I was absolutely sure that the thing that passed in front of the light was not solid. It was more like smoke in the shape of a man running down the hallway close enough that I could have reached out and touched it.
Of course I ran screaming back to my room and barricaded the door. When my mom got home I told her the whole story and she tried to convince me that I had imagined it. Years later she admitted to me that I was so scared that I had actually scared her (after all it was her room) but that she had made a deliberate decision to downplay it hoping I would follow her lead.
I lived in that house for almost a decade and nothing else ever happened but I was always afraid of that hallway at night. I’ve almost convinced myself that the thing that went past me was solid and that it was an intruder and not anything paranormal but I’m not sure I find that scenario any more comforting!"

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