April 11, 2011

Trippy Tale #10...(Part Three)...My Final Thoughts On "The Hat Man"

The Hat Man In Brazil-By Jason Offutt

The young man lived in a rental house a few doors from the home where H.W.* grew up in southern Brazil. A few years later, the young man moved out, a husband and wife moved in.

Although these people didn’t, and don’t, know one another, they had something in common – they knew something dark often walked the halls of that house.

“The male was a young lawyer starting out, while the female was an architect/homemaker,” H.W. said. “They both knocked on my mother’s door a bit distraught.”

There were years between the knocks – one in the mid-1990s, the other in early 2000, but the people behind the knocks told the same story.

“They described how a dark shadow wearing a fedora hat would frequently walk by them and disappear through the walls,” H.W. said. “Both residents described the black Shadow figure as being in the shape of an old man.”

This Shadow figure, a paranormal entity called the Hat Man, is usually an ominous figure. People often report feeling the entity is somehow feeding from their fear. However, H.W. doesn’t think this Hat Man was threatening.

“As far as I know, the Hat Man wasn’t a menace to them,” H.W. said. “He would just walk by and go right through the walls, in a silent manner, without ever acknowledging their presence.”

The witnesses came to H.W.’s mother’s door, he feels, because she was the oldest person living on the street. As such, she knew the person who built the house. The man, who died in the late 1950s, often wore a fedora, although that style was common in Brazil at the time.

“It was customary for Brazilians to wear those hats up to mid-’60s, as their style was highly influenced by Hollywood,” H.W. said. “My late father used to wear those hats as any young professional.”

These shadowy, fedora-wearing figures have been reported worldwide, from North America to Europe, South Africa and Australia. Although Hollywood’s images are far-reaching, the presence of this entity on multiple continents has H.W. curious.

“It’s an intriguing story indeed, especially since other sightings of the same type (are) happening all over the world,” H.W. said. “I wouldn’t be sharing this story if it wasn’t because of the fedora hat detail, which immediately called my attention. Why the hat?”

Although H.W.’s mother is now deceased, his family still owns their home and when he visits, he walks past the old house where the Hat Man wanders the halls. The building is now a day care center.

“It’s full of little kids who spend most of the day in there,” H.W. said. “I sometimes feel the urge to ask the teachers or caretakers, without specifics, if they ever see anything unusual in that place. But I feel reluctant, considering the nature of their business and potential legal implications for unproven rumors.”

The last report H.W. heard from that house was from the couple in 2000, but remembers all the witnesses to be sincere.

“My family believed both witnesses for describing the same exactly scenario years apart from each other, also because both had stable backgrounds,” H.W. said. “What are the odds that two different tenants would describe, many years apart, the same peculiar event, without ever knowing each other?”

From "Mike" @ The Psychic Detective Site:
"It looks like I'm not crazy after all! I have encountered shadow people whe I was very young, possibly at the age of 9. I contracted the flu and had a very high fever. I went into the kitchen to cool myself off with some cold water and when I turned my head right to face the dining room, I saw around 7 to 11 shadow people moving around the table counter-clockwise, at a fast pace. Their appearance is still clear to me. Tall, thin, no feet or facial features, all black, and to say the least, having long top hats. I was then rushed to the hospital for treatment, then brought back home. Years later, I told my younger brother about my experience, and to my suprise, he had seen the exact same thing when he'd almost died from a fever at the age of 6. I remembered the incident, but had never asked him. The beings were in the living room. This is no joke! Those things are very real and are not up to no good! Terrifying as hell!"

Hunter3339 writes:
"When I was seven, maybe even eight years old, I slept in my parents bed, because it was raining out. I saw what appeared to be a tall shadow with a cow boy hat and a long jacket, on the left hand side of their bedroom. I've been doing research on it and they call it/him "The Hat Man." It seems that he comes to children in their room while they are sleeping. Also, around that time, my little brother who was three or four, was in his room whistling a strange tune. Me and my younger and older sister heard him, so we went to see what was going on, cause he didn't know how to whistle. We went to his room and asked him where he learned it, and he said that the "black man" taught him. My father has seen a black shadow his whole life. What does he want? Is he evil? Who might he be?"

Cath @ ghost theory.com writes:
"The hat man visited me in my late teens at my parent’s home in Perth, Western Australia. He only visited me once, and I am so very thankful I have never seen him again. He exuded pure evil, and his presence totally scared the crap out of me.
I was asleep in my bed and I woke up in the middle of the night. Wide awake. He was standing at the end of my bed staring at me, watching me. He didn’t move or say anything to me, he was just watching me.
I was terrified (I thought I had an intruder in my room) and immediately squirmed under my blankets. After about 20 minutes of nothing happening and my heart thumping so hard it was painful I gathered the courage to pull down the covers and switch on the light in one swift movement. He was gone. My bedroom door was closed and I checked everywhere in the room. No sign of him!
To describe him, he was much taller than an average man and wearing a coat and top hat. The brim of the hat wasn’t as wide as shown in the pictures on the internet. He was basically a black silhouette from top to toe with no face that I could see, and his silhouette was blacker than the black of night, solid, and very clear (ie: he wasn’t like a fuzzy shadow or transparent like a ghost).
I never shared my story with anyone for 15 years and then a few years ago I decided to do a google on him because I have obviously never forgotten the experience. You can imagine how freaked out I was to find so many others had seen the EXACT same thing. I really want to know who he is and why he visits? I’ve had some pretty tragic things happen in my life – wonder if his visit was a warning or sign of some sort?
I have never seen him since, nor do I EVER EVER want to!! Absolutely terrifying!"

I'd hoped by part three, to have at least some clue as to what these strange beings might be, but unfortunately, I think now, I'm even more confused!  They've been described as ghosts, demons, aliens, time-travelers, etc. 

I just have to go with my own feelings here, that just maybe, these beings are some sort of aliens, that are here to observe us...and are trying to disquise themselves with the hat and coat.  (And trust me, I know how  that sounds) but is it any worse a guess than all the other guesses?

I just don't feel like these beings are ghosts.

I can't really say why I feel that way....I just do.

But in the meantime...until some other explanation comes along...I will continue to investigate.