November 20, 2011

Trippy Tales #43...Return Of The Shadow Man!

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If you've been following my blog for any length of time, then you're probably familiar with my posts on the "shadow man"...if you haven't followed it, then please allow me to introduce you to him.

Or perhaps, like many others, you've already met him...

Below are some tales from people who have.

"One night I got up to go to the rest room. When I looked toward my window, I saw shadow of a man in a hat shaped like the one Dick Tracy always wears. Then all of the sudden it banged on my window, violently, three times. I hid under the covers, scared to death. I fell back to sleep in the fetal position, and awoke the next morning knowing it was not a dream. I have heard and think that when you are in that state where you are half-asleep, I think you can see things you normally can't see or maybe even block out while you are awake. My friend agrees. When I told her about my experience, she said, "You see the gray man, too!?" Apparently, she and her husband have both seen almost the same thing. She came out of her house one morning, kind of tired, and saw this man that was gray in color with some of the same feature I described earlier, though he was more than just a shadow - he had a face and he looked right at her; he looked as if she had surprised him, like she shouldn't have seen him. At first she waved it off, blaming it on lack of sleep, but when she told her husband about it later that evening, he replied, "So you finally see it, too." They have also had other paranormal things that happen in their apartment, like ghost sightings and such. It is a weird world, isn't it?"

"I was in California, Santa Maria to be exact. I was visiting a campground near the dunes, just sitting around talking with my friends. We saw what looked like distant torches or lights coming across the way. We thought nothing of it at first, but there seemed to be more, so one of the men went to take a closer look. He came running back as fast as he could, and this is not a person that scares.
He said, "Turn off the lights and be quiet." We did because he was so scared it scared us. We asked, "What did you see?" He said, "They look small. I'm not sure." So we waited. We could see "them" -- small, about three feet tall, black globular forms, shaped similar to a bowling pin, but black, no distinct features on their "faces." They did not touch the ground and seemed to be oblivious to us they were close -- about 50 yards, a group of them, maybe 8 or 10. They made the atmosphere seem heavy.
We watched for a while and then they seemed to fade. I have looked in Native American folk tales and everything that pertains to the description of these shadow creatures, but have found nothing. If anybody knows, please let me know."

"I'm from Pulheim, Germany, near Cologne, and I want to tell you about my horrible experience last year. It was the 11 November, 2008 in the morning. It was a full moon. I am the director of a kindergarten. My duty began at 7 a.m. I arrived at maybe 10 minutes to seven.
As I opened the door, I felt uncomfortable, so I closed the door. If someone wanted to come into the kindergarten, they'd have to ring the bell. Then I started my job, and laid the tables. You have to know: We have two groups, and this means two rooms. If you want to go into another room, you have to go through the hall.
I just laid the table in one room and wanted to take some plates out of the kitchen. I was just entering the hall when I saw this shadow thing walking from left to the right through the hall, looking at me. It was about three meters away from me! I heard no noise, and it looked like it was walking, but I think it was floating through the hall... it's difficult to explain.
It was a man-like figure -- a black outline. It was a bit like a big Oscar figure in black. Like a man in a Superman costume, totally black, without any face. But I knew it looked at me without any face; it was just the posture of the head.
I was standing in front of this creature, watching it. I couldn't believe it. I felt a fear I never felt before. My hair stood on end (and this is not just a phrase) as I watched this figure for about three to four seconds. Then it disappeared behind a wall. After this figure was gone, I started to run after it, but it wasn't there. But there was no way out. There was a door, but it was closed.
Now, next week will be October, and I'm very scared it will happen to me again! Since then, I am very happy to see that this is an experience of many people, and that I'm not going crazy."

Before I started this blog, I had not heard of the shadow man. I wasn't aware that such a thing even existed. And were it not for the literally thousands of stories on the internet about this being, I'm not sure that I would even be inclined to believe in "him"...but after reading all the stories and seeing all the accounts from different people all over the world, I can not deny that it could be possible. That such an entity really could exist.

How about you?
Have you seen him?
 Has he seen you?
 More trippy tales coming soon!