September 10, 2011

Trippy Tale # 38..."My, Grandma...What Scary Woods You Have!"

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"In the summer of 1993, when I was 11, I flew from Houston to Mequon, Wisconsin to meet my father and his side of the family for the very first time. It was very awkward at first, but after a couple of hours, it was clear that these were good, decent, loving people.
The first night, I slept at my father's apartment. We went to all kinds of pubs that belonged to various friends of the family so he could introduce me to them. Later that night, my father gave me a cryptic warning about the woods behind my grandmother's house -- the house I would be staying at for the rest of my visit. He told me that sometimes strange noises could be heard from the woods, but that I shouldn't worry. I shrugged it off and went to bed.
My grandmother lived in an old, slightly dilapidated, two-story house deep in the Mequon countryside. It was a very rural area and it was so beautiful. It was nothing like the big, noisy city I was from. Behind my grandma's house was a huge forest. There was a stream that ran through it and there were even bunnies and deer roaming around. But the best thing about the land was the incredible amount of stars I could see at night.
One night, about midnight or so, my grandmother brought down her telescope. I was so excited! In Houston, you're lucky to see any stars at all. Anyway, I started focusing the telescope, and as I looked through the eyepiece, something in the woods caught my eye. Whatever it was, it had red eyes, or something reflecting red. Intrigued, I tried looking for whatever it was I had seen, but I found nothing.
Thinking it was some forest creature, I turned my attention back to the stars when I suddenly heard a blood-curdling scream. It was loud and sounded as if someone was screaming out of intense pain. I was terrified. Two minutes later, I heard it again. Louder and closer. My grandma's house was quite a ways away from where I was standing, so I began to jog back home, telescope in hand.
Then the scream happened again, only this time it was almost as if the scream was right behind me. I dropped the telescope and hauled ass home. I thought I would be safe there... but I was wrong.
As I approached the front door, the screaming was right in my ear. As I pounded on the door, something shoved me down. I could feel invisible hands all over my body, scratching at my face. My grandmother opened the door and I ran inside, crying and shaking uncontrollably.
I told my grandmother what had just happened. I asked her if she heard the screams, but she said she didn't. She told me that my father and his siblings all experienced the screaming noise as children at some point and she never once heard anything.
After calming down, I felt a stinging sensation on my face. I looked in the mirror and saw a dozen scratches on my face and neck. The panic set in all over again. It was late, but I couldn't sleep.
After my grandma went to bed, I took out a book I had been reading. Then the screams happened again! Loud and terrifying and getting closer! I tried screaming for my grandmother, but I just couldn't. No sound would come out.
Next thing I know, someone was banging on all the windows. The second-story windows! Frozen in fear, I recited The Lord's Prayer. A few minutes later, it all stopped. I gained my voice back and screamed hysterically for my grandmother. I told her what had happened and she offered to let me sleep in her bed. I did. Strangely, she heard nothing!
The next morning at breakfast, I knew I would never spend the night at my grandmother's house again! It was the most terrifying experience of my life! I don't know what it was or could have been, and I don't want to know!"


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