April 9, 2011

Trippy Tale #10...(Part Two)..."THE RETURN OF THE HAT MAN"

And now, as promised, "Tales From The Dark Side"...(of the shadow!)


"The first experience I remember, was before I was school age; I am guessing I was about three years old. I was in my grandmother's living room, sitting in front of an end table. My grandmother was sitting on the sofa on one side and my mother was sitting in a chair at the other side of the table. I was playing with cards or small toys on the table. It was evening, so the rest of the house was darkened.

I turned to look at the hallway to my left, about twelve feet away, and saw a figure of a man about four feet tall, all black, wearing a low hat with a very wide brim. I did not see a face or any features, but I did see that his coat was covered with hundreds of little strips of black cloth, each maybe an inch wide and about six inches long.

They asked me what I was looking at, and when I turned to look at them and then look back, it was gone. I told them what I saw, and while they assured me that there was no one, I insisted that I saw it. I don't remember crying, but I must have looked frightened, for both of them to ask the question of what I was looking at, and also because they made a show of looking through the rooms down the hallway and assuring me that nothing was there.

This happened so far back in my memory that I was inclined to think it may have been a dream. But it has stuck in my memory all my life, and so many people have seen a similar figure with the hat and/or ragged clothing, perhaps it was real?"

Another Sighting:

"My retired mother and father moved to small town in western Montana, located in the Flathead Valley back in the early 1990's, that her father used to live in before he passed away.

My mother and father’s health was not real great at the time, as my father was suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s and my mother had her own health issues (both have since passed away, my father in 1992 and my mother in 1996).

One night at around 3am, she awoke in the darkened living room where she had fallen asleep on the couch watching TV, having shut the TV off before falling asleep a few hours earlier.

She was startled and frightened when she awoke to see a man dressed in a black suit, wearing a black derby style hat, with no visible face standing next to the couch staring down at her.

Paralyzed in terror and disbelief, she gazed back thinking she was dreaming or imagining this figure. She said this went on for a minute or two, before the figure eventually vanished.

She was still shaken when she told me the story the next day.

Very creepy, I hope to never have such an experience.

She was a braver woman than me...I would have been OUT of there!"

And Another...

"I saw this man. I was up late one night, when I heard what sounded like footsteps on the outside deck. I opened the curtains slightly to look, this was hard, because I was terrified! What I saw was a tall man in large trench coat and hat, standing on the neighbors roof. He was standing very tall, and his coat was flapping in the wind. He appeared to be staring back at me. I shut my eyes and opened them several time and he was still there. However, I ran and woke my sister to come and witness this man, but although I could clearly see him, she could not!"


"As a child, I remember my parents and siblings often telling stories of a house we lived in that they say was "Haunted". Doors slammed, objects moved and fell, voices in rooms and laughter, footsteps etc.

However, none frightens me as much as my mother's "late night" encounter with a Man in black, big hat, trench coat, very tall, dark presence.

He was standing over my baby bassinet, near the foot of her bed,staring at me as I slept.I was only 2mos.old. Though she knew my dad was working out of town, and not due home for days, mom said dad's name anyway, thinking it must be him. When the dark man looked up, she realized he had no face!

In fear for our lives now, she grabbed the alarm clock off the nightstand and threw it as hard as she could at him! It went right through him as he vanished in a split second! The clock hit the wall with a crash! It woke my siblings who ran in to see what was the matter.

No one slept that night, but instead, huddled together in the downstairs living room, waiting for the morning light. What's weird, is that I can still see him in my mind. I shudder to this day, feeling his dark presence near me then, as an infant. There's no doubt in my mind that this "entity" has truly bad intentions for humans."

Thank you for joining me, as we explore the weird world of shadow people!

Stay Tuned for many more dark tales, in Part Three!

Coming Soon!


Trippy Tale #10...(Part One)..."THE RETURN OF THE HAT MAN"

So...WHO or WHAT is this mysterious HAT MAN?

While we may never know the answer to these questions, there is plenty of information out there about what he DOES...and that is...CREEP EVERYONE OUT!

Many people, worldwide, have claimed to see this mysterious being, and it's so strange that their stories are SO similar! There HAS to be something to it! Let's take a look at the information out there...

Shadow people (also known as shadow men or shadow beings) are a supernatural phenomenon reported by some individuals. Most accounts of shadow people describe them as black humanoid silhouettes, lacking mouths or eyes, although they are sometimes reported to have red or yellow eyes.

They are generally described as lacking mass, although their specific nature varies from two-dimensional (like a shadow) to vaporous or distorted.

Their movement is often reported as being very quick and disjointed, or "jiggly", in the sense that they first may move slowly like a fluid (similar to jello rather than water), then rapidly "hop" to another part of a witness' surroundings. Some witnesses describe this movement as though the shadow entities they have seen "danced" from one wall to the next.
Observers of shadow people most commonly report that the forms appear at the edge of their field of vision, and that they disintegrate or move into walls when noticed, usually within a split second. However, many also report shadow people appearing in the center of their vision, appearing very close to them, or remaining for several seconds before disappearing. Some individuals have described being menaced, chased, or (more rarely) attacked or raped by shadow people.

Sightings of shadow people have been reported all over the world. They are a recurring topic of the late-night talk radio show Coast-to-Coast AM. The former host of the show, Art Bell, seemingly resurrected the term "shadow people." The term appeared as early as September 21, 1953 as the title of a radio drama that was broadcast on Chicago's WGN-AM "Hall of Fantasy"* series.

 However, reports of beings fitting the description of shadow people have been recorded for centuries in literature. For example, in 1887, celebrated French author Guy de Maupassant pennned the story "Le Horla" ("The Horla") about shadowy beings who live on milk and water, bedevil human minds, and stalk the unwary.

Even though these creatures were never proven to exist, sightings appear to occur most often in Rhode Island and North Carolina in the United States of America.
Source: Monstropedia.com

It’s also been suggested that this strange entity is somewhat of an inspiration for Freddy Krueger.

Wes Craven has talked about an experience he once had when he was a young boy, in which he saw a scary looking man walking down the street wearing a bowler hat. The man had scars all over his face and looked up at Craven through the window and gave off a sense of foreboding.

While this could have just been an ordinary guy and not a shadowy person or demon, it was still a creepy experience. People who reportedly come across a hat man usually claim to feel a frightening feeling, as if they are being threatened. While some ghosts don’t seem aware of the presence of the living, it seems that shadow people do. Witnesses claim that, despite not seeing his face, they have a sense that the hat man is staring right at them.

From Unsolved Mysteries.com: "It would seem that this entity’s sole purpose in visiting people is to make them as uncomfortable and frightened as possible.  They normally don’t try to communicate, except for the fact they are emitting bad vibes.  Their mere presence alone is enough to make someone feel extremely uncomfortable and even threatened.

Still, there’s no evidence to suggest that something very bad happens after someone sees the hat man.  The “ghost” or “demon”, whatever it may be, usually goes away after a few moments and nothing bad ever seems to happen afterwards.  So, shadow people really malevolent?  Is the hat man really a threat to anyone?
It seems that this phenomenon provides more questions than answers.  Most people who witness hat men claim that they’re solid and definitely an outline of a male body.  The outline of the hat is also distinct and solid.  It’s only natural to assume that they’re real enough to be more than just the witness’s imagination. 
One theory is that they could be physical manifestations of one’s own psyche, and are somehow created subconsciously after an individual experiences some problems in life.
Whatever the case may be, anyone who ever witnesses a hat man will undoubtedly feel creeped out by him.  Whether he’s an actual entity or a psychic manifestation of someone’s subconscious, he definitely gives of negative vibes and a sense of foreboding to anyone around!"

Stay Tuned for Part Two, featuring stories from the Hat Man's "victims"

Trippy Tale #10...(Prologue)..."THE RETURN OF THE HAT MAN"

Hello faithful readers, and thank you for returning to the playhouse!

Speaking of returning...(or perhaps NEVER LEAVING!) it has come to my attention, that one of my unfortunate blog readers is being plagued by that son-of-a-bitch HAT MAN!

(Some of you may remember the many blogs I did on this "being" a few months back...but for the ones who don't know what the hell I'm talkin' about...it will all be explained to you in the following blogs.)


I don't use the term "plagued" loosely, so let's stop for a moment, and look at the definition of what it really means to be PLAGUED...

: to smite, infest, or afflict with (or as if with) disease, calamity, or natural evil.
a : to cause worry or distress to.
b : to disturb or annoy persistently.
Yep...my poor friend is going through "ALL OF THE ABOVE!"  :/
Not only is the hat man present while this person sleeps, but he is also showing up in his dreams...chasing him.
And while my friend hasn't said so, I suspect he is suffering from lack of rest.  (Kinda hard to get a restful night's sleep when you have a deranged shadow man chasing you all night!)
So...if you're interested in learning more about these shadow people...(who they may be, what they might want, etc.) then stay tuned to this blog...I'll be doing a three part series on these mysterious beings...