May 28, 2012

Trippy Tales #65..."The Three Knocks Of Death"...The Conclusion

More tells of "The Three Knocks Of Death" from around the web...

"Last night, while I'm drinking and playing games on the internet, out of nowhere, (4am-ish) - I hear a knock, fast like a wood pecker one then, one two, three.  I couldn't place the origin of the knock, so I sat still, and called out a hollow "hello?"

Moments passed, and a few minutes, then again was the knock, one and 3 rapids. I say hello again, but get no answer.

I'm spooked and now I begin to pay attention to what's going on around me. I put my beer down. Put my smoke down and listened, then called out for them to come in.   No answer, so I settled down, thinking pipes-winter-frozen, stuff- .

No sooner did I get myself back, then the Knock came again. as soon as I got myself aware and logged into the game, the knock came again! Only much closer to me- past the door- near my desk.

Instantly alarmed, I dropped everything and went in search of these 'knocks', to find nothing. Dad is OK, on his side of the house, and so am I on my side of the house. Except I'm unnerved, three knocks, no-one there and the last knock was so close to me , to make me think it was on my desk. that I made a mental mark -"3 Knocks-look it up on the net"- .

I did not go to sleep for a couple more hours, thinking and listening for this "unknown visitor"- There was a definite approach to the knocking sound. The 1st being,"the front door?" and then the 2nd being,-"Is that my door?" and finally, the third Knock.
What the hell , is my desk breaking?- Where is that sound coming from?
And then nothing, no trace of anyone having been here- just me, and my beers. and that sound- it was an unnatural sound, the knocks came closer each time, yet they sounded like they were here with me in my room.
This has set me on edge. I did not do this to myself, nor would I want to.
I sat down to play some world of war craft, and drink beers. then this happened.

I don't really know what to think about it!
A couple internet sites, say that the 3 knocks means your going to die- shortly.

I don't know, but I do know these 3 knocks are the strangest thing that I have actually tried to deal with.
I mean, I said "Come In!!"- more than once, and well -you know the rest of the story-.
Am i going to die? Is there anything real about the 3 knocks?"

"My experience began in 2002 when I was woken up around 3:30 a.m. by three vehement knocks on my bedroom door accompanied by a woman's voice saying, "Wake up." I didn't recognize the voice as belonging to my mother, but I assumed I was merely groggy. Thinking that something must be terribly wrong, I rushed to the door to find no one there. I smelled a rat and began investigating, but to no avail.
About that time, I heard my mom getting out of bed and came to the door. She looked at me with squinting eyes and asked me who was at the front door. This confirmed my sanity, thank god. I've moved twice and had the same experience, minus the audible voice, twice at one location and once at the last.
I've been thinking about this since it happened, and I finally decided tonight to go online and see if there were any other people out there who've experienced this. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are some people out there who are looking for answers, too. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a forum dedicated to it, so I sat a few hours aside and started one. I'd love for you to come by and share your ghost knocking story at:

Thanks for visiting the playhouse! I hope you've enjoyed the blog & that that you'll return soon! And also, just as a precaution...the next time someone (or some thing) comes a knockin' in the middle of the may not wanna answer it! ;)


May 20, 2012

Trippy Tales #65..."The 3 Knocks Of Death"...Part Two

From "Mysteries Of The Unexplained" (online)

Some call them 'death knocks' - an omen of sorts. Others say it is spirits trying to reach out to their living relatives. I have also received emails from readers who strongly believe the knocks to be from a demonic source.   The question which everyone is asking and one that still remains is, who or what is causing the 3 distinct, loud knocking sounds that so many people are experiencing? Unfortunately,  there is no way to know for sure. One thing is for certain- it's happening, and more & more people are searching for answers. 

Charlie said...
"Hi, I just posted this comment in another blog, but seems nice to share it here. I came across this site looking for the meaning of the knockings. I began hearing knocks at my room door in early 2005. Then I used to live with my mom and two sisters. The knocks began to intensify,, each time louder, but always when I was about to fall asleep, for which I came to reconcile them with the experience. So, until I was watching tv, in my room, probably at 1:00 am. It's scared the living daylights out of me, and I ran to mom, woke her up and told her, and she told me not to worry. I finally grew used to it, three LOUD knocks on my door almost every night. Time passed by and I move to an apartment on my own, and for probably the first month I heard the knocks on the door again until they finally vanished. My sister at home reportedly heard the knockings twice, then she really began believing me. Yesterday (29/12/08) I heard TWO loud knocks again while I was falling asleep. It completely crept me out. No explanation I can give to the phenomenon nor any site providing some rational explanation for this. Guess I will have to live in doubt."
 Ghostwriter said:
"Around two months ago I was at home and about 10pm I heard three knocks at the front door, this being very unusual I initially thought it was neighborhood kids playing a prank however as I opened the door nobody was there, ok some stupid prank. Not 30 seconds later I hear it again Knock...Knock...Knock...I ran out front as I was 2 feet from the door and nothing. This got me thinking as there was no time for anyone to run and hide.

Then as I was walking back into the house I hear it again Knock...Knock...Knock however this time it was coming from the back door. Well I bolted out to the backyard and...NOTHING...There would have been no time for anyone to jump a fence nor was there anywhere for a person to hide.


I have since sold my house and now live in an apartment in another state.

I am fast asleep and I am woken up to Knock...Knock...Knock which sounds like it is coming from the front door, I open my eyes and look at my alarm clock 3:00am exactly. I first though I was dreaming, until I sit up and hear Knock...Knock...Knock again coming from the front door. Also this time I was watching the baby video monitor and I saw my son get startled from the knocks so I know that I wasn't hearing things.

I ran like the wind to the front door guessed it nothing.Then as soon as I closed the door I hear it again Knock...Knock...Knock this time coming from a far wall in my living room. I was so tired that I fell right back asleep.

I was discussing this with a co-worker the other day and he told me that this happened to him when he was younger."

 From Matt H. at
"I first heard about the phenomenon of three loud knocks signifying a death when I was quite young through family stories. Back around 1956, my mother's first husband was killed in a car crash. That night my mother's sister heard three loud knocks at the door, but no one was there. They heard the bad news soon after.
In February, 2006 I was living with my fiance in a motel room that was provided to me by the adjoining hotel and restaurant where I was employed. It was reasonably late, around 11 p.m., and after making love we both settled in to near sleep. All of a sudden there were three very loud bangs on the window (it seemed to me to be more focused on the window than the door). They were extremely uniform in their intensity and duration, and had an echo sound, like BOOMboom... BOOMboom... Boomboom.
We both sat upright and I knew there would be no one there. I got dressed and went out to see, and it was quiet. After scaring the hell out of her by looking at her and saying, "Death-knocks," I told her what I knew about them. That scared her even more.
I decided to call my mother living nearby to check on her, as she was suffering from serious cancer at the time. She was okay, and I wondered whether it might be my dad.
I didn't really think about it much after that, but in June that year I received an awful phone call letting me know that my dear friend had lost his estranged wife Sonya and his two-year-old daughter in a car accident. Seven months later my mother passed away from her illness.
Just today I was relating this story to my friend, who had begun dating Sonya a few months before her death. He was surprised and told me that he too had heard three loud knocks at the door of his house after he and Sonya had finished making love on a Saturday morning. There was no one at the door, and looking quickly out the window upon hearing the knocks, saw no one at the doorstep.
I have no idea what this phenomenon is. Maybe an angel, maybe a demon -- who knows? Something out there seems to know a lot about us though."

It certainly does...

Stay Tuned For Part Three!

May 19, 2012

Trippy Tales #65....."The Three Knocks Of Death".....(Part One)

Have you ever found yourself lying in bed, just about to fall asleep, when suddenly you hear three distinct knocks nearby on the door, wall or window? Has this happened more than once? Maybe you figured the source and went to sleep. Or... maybe it left you shaking under your sheets! Once all other rational explanations have been ruled out, one then has to ask, who or what is causing the phenomenon and why? Below, are some stories from people who claim to have heard them as well.

From Neal @ The Social Paranormal Network:
" First off, I have never heard of "the three knocks" prior to today, but went online to do some research. The story begins back in the 1920s when my grandmother was in the kitchen and heard three loud knocks on her front door. There was no one there, but three days later learned that her mother had died back in Germany.

In 1973 my parents were awakened with three loud knocks on our front door. Upon inspection, there was no one there, but received a phone call about an hour later that my uncle had passed away.

This was never brought up again until I was telling my uncle about the story at my father's funeral in 1979. He and his wife froze and said that they had heard three loud knocks on their storm door about the same time my father had passed away (they lived in Arizona, thus the three-hour time difference). We have never looked into this.

Two weeks ago, my mother awoke to three loud knocks or bangs on her front door. Again, she got up and found nothing at the door and was immediately scared because it reminded her of the 1973 incident. Three days later, my brother was murdered in Louisiana in the early morning. The strangest fact is that in all of the times a family member heard the knocks, it corresponded to the time of death (give or take an hour) of a family member.

This last case is the only time the knocks came three days prior to my brother's death. It was only last night that a cousin and I were discussing the events and decided to do some online research and came across this post. We are definitely not what you would call paranormal, but are looking into any information on the subject and why our family has had so many occurrences."

And from Shel C. of the paranormal files @
"This was in my hometown in Illinois, November 2008, Thanksgiving to be exact. We were having Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle's house. My aunt, who is a very straightforward, no-nonsense woman, told us about what she had been experiencing. This was in a offhand manner; clearly she thought it was silly and a bit ridiculous.
She told us she had been hearing knocks, always just three in a row, always loud, always at night. They were always on the back sliding glass door in the kitchen. She would hear the knocks from the living room and get up to see who it was, but would never see anyone.
She said it was strange because the knocks were evenly spaced, not just random knocking. This happened three different times on three different nights. Each time she heard it she would run to the kitchen and straight to the sliding door -- and no one was ever there. She told us it had to be kids just messing around, even though her entire backyard is fenced in with a lock on the gate.
A few weeks later, my uncle -- her husband -- was having surgery. It was about 6 p.m., already dark at that time of year, and my aunt was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital waiting for my uncle to come out of recovery. There was also another woman in the room with her that my aunt did not know.
All of a sudden three hard knocks came from the window directly behind her. She instantly turned around to see no one... nothing. She looked at the woman and saw that she too had heard the knocks. The bit that is really strange is that they were on the 7th floor of the hospital! No ledges were on the outside of window, no walkways or deck of any kind.
She said this surprised her a little, but again she is a no-nonsense kind of woman and dismissed it. After telling us all this, she said it was silly and gave us all hugs as we left.
Five months later, my cousin -- her son -- was killed in an accident. This was her only son. It was devastating to the entire family. He was only 35 years old. At that time, I had not heard about the three knocks of death, so that was never in my thoughts. Grief blocked out many thoughts at that time.
Only later did I read on this website about the three knocks of death. Now I believe that's exactly what they were."

And from John Atkinson at
"This isn't a story, these are true facts. My mother and her mother have always been gifted by forerunners. You would have to ask her about her mother's premonitions, but I can tell you what just happened with my mother.
We live in a little town, St.Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. This year (2011) November 10th, my mother heard three knocks. She always said that means it takes three days, three weeks, or three months (right to the day) that something bad was going to happen, usually a death.
Well, three days later our cousin shot himself in a hunting accident while hunting with his 7-year-old son. She knew something was going to happen, but couldn't figure who it was going to be. She called my brother in Alberta and told him to stay home and not go out anywhere. She also warned some other family members. She never thought it was going to be our cousin.
From my experience, it has always been young people who have died after a forerunner has visited. It seems it is always the person you'd least expect."

Thank you for visiting the playhouse, and keep in mind that the stories above are just a tiny handful out of literally, thousands I found online concerning the three knocks please stay tuned for part two, where I will delve further into this strange occurrence!

(Oh and just a bit of advice)....
"If the ghost is a knockin'....don't bother lockin!" ;)
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