May 18, 2013

Trippy Tales #78...More Terrifying Tells To Make You Yell!

By Pernilla from Sweden @ "

"It all happened when I was around 6-7 years old... 

It was a Saturday morning, around 7am, and I was the first one to wake up. I walked to the living room, sat down on the couch and put on the TV. The rest of my family was still asleep and I knew that they would not wake up until 9am or something.

While watching a cartoon, I got this strange feeling that I had to look to my left. Now, we had this corner couch and I was sitting all the way to the right, and when I looked to the left, I saw a face disappear behind the backrest!

You may not believe me, but this is actually true. 

I actually saw a face, that was looking and smiling at me, disappear behind the couch. 

I remember that I didn't get too scared, just a bit shocked. I was just sitting there, not moving and just looking at the empty place where I had seen the face. After maybe a few minutes, I stood up and walked slowly to the back of the couch, but when I got there...nothing. I was alone in the living room.

I know that this was not a dream and I know that this face didn't belong to any of my family members because I didn't hear any footsteps and no crackings on the floors and... Nobody in my family is bald... 
This memory has been following me ever since and I'm still wondering what or who it could have been.

My mom has told me that when I was around 5, she could hear me talking to somebody in my room. She slowly walked to my room and looked inside. She saw me talking and looking at something that was not there. It looks like I have had imaginary friends, so maybe this bald face was one of them.

What do you guys think? Thank you for reading! :)

By MmLuvXx @ "

"When I was nearly 6, I had just come home from school and had gone upstairs to get changed... 

When I was finished I had just come out of my bedroom and I had heard this voice saying "step over the body". I thought this was strange because I had been hearing voices like that for a while saying "Be careful" and "Don't fall down" and other things like that.

The voice was quite blurry but I made out what it said. I didn't really understand what it meant until I got to the stair case and pulled my leg out to step on the top stair. Then I felt something hard like there was a person or box and then I tripped over it.I fell down the stairs and broke my leg but as I looked up, there was nothing on the stairs or the landing I could have fallen or tripped on.

Since then, I step over the last step, even if someone is in front of me I step over it, coming up or going down. Fortunately a few years ago I moved house. Unfortunately the same incident happened but without the voices and since then I still step over the top step.

Recently, I told some of my friends in senior/high school the story. They just laughed but I don't want to tell my teachers because they might just think I'm mad. I didn't tell my parents, I just told them I lost balance and I'm a bit scared that something will happen to me again.

A similar incident happened to my cousin in the same house and some of my friends said that they felt someone was watching them. My mam said she felt it get colder. I did a background check on my family and apparently, one of my great great great great grand-parents had died on the top stair in a really big house, but not in the house that I'm in now."

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