August 13, 2013



BY MRS. AMANDA CLAREBOL @ "your true tales"/

"My husband and I are newlyweds. We got married on May 2, 2009. We are both in our early 20s and we live in New York City. We did a thorough search and finally settled into our two-story loft apartment. We got a great deal on the place and I fell in love with the old-fashioned chandeliers and big windows.
We had only lived here about a month, though, when I began to notice strange occurrences. John, my husband, works long hours and I am currently unemployed, so I spend a lot of time alone. It is becoming apparent that I am not quite all that alone in this big empty house.
When we moved in, we noticed what seemed to be extra latches on all the doors (bathroom door, bedroom, even crawl-space doors) and nails in the windows so that we could not open them. One day when John and I came home from being away all day, we noticed that the window by our bed was shattered. Furious that someone outside had thrown a ball through it, we searched the room but came up with nothing.
Later that night, when we had gone to bed, there was a sudden "SMASH!" John and I bolted upright, and to our disbelief, the cracked window had opened all by itself! The rest of the glass that remained in the window previously had fallen out when it banged open again. We cleaned up the glass and taped clear plastic over the window for the time being.
These occurrences seem to happen more frequently when John isn't home: an extra step on the stairs behind me when I've finished walking down them, doors rattling and trying to break free of their extra latches, loud dragging noises in the crawl spaces, sounds of people stomping around in the very room I happen to be sitting in (and of course seeing nobody there!), loud banging noises in the walls when I'm trying to nap, doors flying open by themselves when they aren't latched.
Just yesterday, when I had gone to bed early and John was still at work, I heard heavy footfalls coming up the stairs. Assuming it was John, I wasn't alarmed and listened to the footsteps move from the stairs into the hallway and stop outside my door. I waited for him to come in for about five minutes, and when he didn't I got up and peeked out. There was nobody there.
Earlier today as I was folding laundry and putting it away, I heard those same footsteps coming up the stairs, move into the hallway and stop outside my door. Instinctively, I looked up to my open doorway and, of course, nobody was there. But what I saw next sent me into shock...
Down the hall, there's a window that looks out over the street. As clear as day, I saw a grinning boy staring at me through the window! I screamed and the boy continued staring, his evil little grin filled with utter malice. Quickly, I jumped up and slammed the door, bolting it. I hid in my room until John came home and I hysterically told him what I'd seen. We went to the window and looked down... the window is on the third floor up and there's just no way anyone could have been standing or sitting just beyond the glass!
John is staying home with me tomorrow and we're going to start looking for new apartments! I think the evil of this house can sense that I know it's there and therefore, targets me. But I am so emotionally disturbed I cannot sleep at night! I fear this house so much and cannot wait to leave!"
(Check it out! Look for the womans' face! 3rd pane from the bottom...right hand side)  Also, there are orbs ALL OVER the room! Freaky!)
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