July 21, 2012

Trippy Tales #69...More Stories Of The Supernatural!

 Thanks for visiting the playhouse! Tonight's tales come from true-ghost-stories.com, and I hope you enjoy them!

 "Shhhh...Someone's Coming!" by Sherry @ true-ghost-stories.com
"I truly believe the house I grew up in was haunted.  Though we were the original owners, as far as I know, the house was built on farm land. When I was about 13 years old, I was awakened one night by the sound of loud, whispering voices that seemed to be coming from our living room. My bedroom was located at the opposite end of the house from the living room. I got out of bed to investigate and ran into my father in the hallway. He had also been awakened by the voices. While standing in the hall, we also heard the muffled sound of footsteps. The living room was carpeted, but underneath were hardwood floors that would creak if you stepped on the right spot. It seemed there were two male voices and one female. The men seemed to be arguing and it appeared that the woman was trying to get them to be quiet. Daddy and I listened for a few more minutes and then began walking down the hall towards the living room. We distinctly heard the woman say, "Shhhhh, someone's coming." Then, there was the sound of the chain lock on the front door rattling. When my dad and I entered the living room, it was quiet, but there was a definite chill in the air. We sat in there talking about what we heard for the longest time. We never experienced this again."

"Grandfather's Apparition" by Sherry @ true-ghost-stories.com
"My grandparents lived down the street from where we used to live. My grandfather died in the house in 1972. My cousin was going to move in with grandmother, but until she could get moved, my Mom and I spent a few nights in the house, so grandmother wouldn't be alone. Mom slept in the bedroom that my grandfather occupied. I slept on the couch in the living room with their little Chihuahua, Nina, curled up with me. I was awakened that first night by Nina whimpering and shaking. I looked up and there in the dining room area was my grandfather. I could see him clearly. I was too shocked to move.....I just continued to stare and eventually he just faded away. I didn't tell anyone about this for many years. I didn't want to upset my grandmother and I wasn't sure anyone would believe me. I never saw him again. Grandmother died a few months later and the family sold the house. The house has changed hands many times over the years and according to some of the neighbors, the occupants have claimed it's haunted. I can easily believe this."

"The Green Arms" by Ashleigh @ true-ghost-stories.com
"When I was little, I always awoke in the middle of the night screaming. Sometimes, I never knew why. Other times, it was nightmares. The closest bedroom to mine, was my brother's, so I would run in and ask if I could stay until I felt better. He never really minded the company and if I annoyed him with questions or such, I would just go to my parents room, the next door down the hall. Late one night, I woke up terrified. I ran to my brother's room and he agreed to let me stay for a while. After I had calmed down, my brother and I began to talk. I don't know what it was, but suddenly we were both looking towards the left wall. Two huge green arms were reaching out and then disappeared back into the wall. We told our parents but they didn't believe us, so we kept quiet and never told anyone again. We never knew what it was, and we never saw it again."

"He'll NEVER Return!" by Danny @ true-ghost-stories.com
 "My dad's father stayed with my parents a few days after he and my dad's mother were separated, and he slept upstairs. He came down the next morning with his blanket and pillow saying he'd never go back up there again. He heard voices in the hallway whispering words he couldn't make out and this kept him awake.  He got up several times to close the door only to awaken and find it open. He slid a heavy dresser to block the door and it stayed closed till he awoke up the next morning. When he awoke, the dresser was sitting next to his bed, and the door was again open!"
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