April 15, 2011

Trippy Tale #13..."She Stole My Breath"

"Let me assure you, this story is completely true. I wish it wasn't.
My Grandparents owned an older home, approximately 200 years old now. This home had a small apartment within it. My parents had lived in the apartment when they were first married. At 16 years old, my Grandparents allowed me to live there, alone.
There was always an uncomfortable feeling about the little apartment, like someone watching you. It was eerie, and everyone who had been there, had sensed it. No one liked to be left alone there, myself included.
I would frequently invite my friends to spend the night, just so I wasn't always alone there. My best friend, Barb, was spending the night with me one cold winter evening. So cold in fact, that I had dragged my mattress out to the living room, the warmest room in the apartment.
Barb was sleeping on the couch, and I drifted off moments later. I was sound asleep, flat on my back. I felt it before I saw it. Before opening my eyes, I was aware that someone was laying on top of me, and quite heavy at that!
For a split second, the moment before opening my eyes, I wondered, "Has Barb lost her marbles?!"
Then after a few blinks, I saw it.
A woman, completely white from head to toe. I could see her white hair floating about her. She was somehow, ghastly! I can't explain it really, she just was.
I was overwhelmed with fear; I had to, needed to, wanted to scream! I opened my mouth to draw in a breath. I felt my lungs empty, like I had fallen on my back and the wind was forced out. I could not scream because she had sucked the life breath from me!
Then the weight began to lift, first from my chest then mid-section. I began to gasp for air, staring wide eyed at her face.
Finally, she completely raised herself off of me, and then.... she smiled. I will never get the picture out of my mind -- a most horrid smile, a look of satisfaction.

Then she was gone.
As soon as the fear had subsided enough for my breath and my speech to return, I did scream! Barb awoke from her place on the sofa. "What's wrong??" she asked. I told her my story, crying as I spoke. Barb told me I was dreaming, and to forget about it.
Well, I tried.
10 years later at 26, it still bothers me. I still can't sleep on my back.
One night a few months ago, I was visiting my Mother. After a few glasses of wine, I began my story...the story of how I once thought I saw a ghost.
You may recall, at the beginning of the story, I mentioned my parents had been tenants in the same apartment before me.
I had got to the part in my story where I first felt it on me. Then my Mother piped up nonchalantly and said, "Oh, she's the one that takes your breath away."
My heart sank, or maybe it was in my throat, I don't recall which, but I do know I was pale. That moment was when I knew for sure that it had really happened to me.
As it turned out, my mother had the same experience, three times while living there!
Well, like I said..... I don't sleep on my back anymore!"


Trippy Tale #12..."THE FEAR IS REAL!"...The TRUE Story Of "The Haunting In Connecticut"

Hey y'all! Welcome back to the playhouse!

Today's ghostly goody is the "Reinvestigation" of "The Haunting In Connecticut"

(The TRUE story!) Not the HOLLYWOOD story!

Now that's not saying the Hollywood story wasn't a good one...I'm always up for a good scare!

But this video lifts the blinders off and tells what really took place in that old haunted funeral home, back in 1987...

Oh and by the way...something rather strange happened during the making of this video, involving a crucifix...it was crazy!

But like I said...I'm always up for a good scare...

(And scare me, it did! ;)

Let me know what'cha think about it!


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