April 15, 2011

Trippy Tale #12..."THE FEAR IS REAL!"...The TRUE Story Of "The Haunting In Connecticut"

Hey y'all! Welcome back to the playhouse!

Today's ghostly goody is the "Reinvestigation" of "The Haunting In Connecticut"

(The TRUE story!) Not the HOLLYWOOD story!

Now that's not saying the Hollywood story wasn't a good one...I'm always up for a good scare!

But this video lifts the blinders off and tells what really took place in that old haunted funeral home, back in 1987...

Oh and by the way...something rather strange happened during the making of this video, involving a crucifix...it was crazy!

But like I said...I'm always up for a good scare...

(And scare me, it did! ;)

Let me know what'cha think about it!


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