December 6, 2011

Trippy Tales #48..."Childhood Paranormal Experiences"...(Part 5)

Hello & welcome back to the playhouse!

If you've been following my blog this week, then you know we've been discussing "Childhood Paranormal Experiences"...and some of my very own experiences as a young child.

To bring you up to speed, here's a recap from part four:

This frightened me a bit, but it didn't disturb me as bad as the house on Kelsall Avenue...

The house on Kelsall Avenue, has been the source of many of my nightmares over the years, and still gives me the shivers just thinking about it.  It was in this house, that I felt a very real sense of PURE EVIL!!

There was something about my bedroom closet in this house, that really frightened me. 

Perhaps it was because I would see the doorknob turn at night...or because I could hear things sliding across the floor in it...or because I could just feel the evilness coming from it. 

After a while, that evilness came out of the closet, and made itself heard and felt in the room as well. 

I remember hiding under the covers with my fat orange cat Marmalade, listening to my toys moving around in the room, and holding my breath, to try and fool the "presence" in to thinking I was asleep. I know it was silly, but as long as I had the covers all tucked around me, I felt so much safer than if I'd not had them.

Until the night the evil came under the covers with me!
This was a night like all the others.  I was sweating under my blankets with my big orange cat Marmalade, and holding my breath as I listened to the sounds moving around my bedroom.  A footstep here, a bump or a knock there, toys sliding across the floor, something was there! 

But as I peeked out of one small hole in the corner of the blanket, I saw nothing.  But I wasn't fooled. I knew "it" was there.  IT had been there for a very long time. Much longer than I had been there, and somehow, I just knew it was feeding off my fear.  Fear made it stronger. Fear is what it thrived off of, like a vampire thrives off the blood of his victims...It needed fear to exist.

Suddenly, as if it knew I was looking, all the activity stopped...all the noises ceased.

I still didn't dare take my head out from under the blankets, though I was literally dripping with perspiration, and Marmalade wasn't much better than I was...she wanted OUT!
I believe it was at this point, that the entity was trying to lure me in to a false sense of make me think the terror was over for the night.  

And I'll admit, I was very tired. Sleep had become a thing of the past in my house.  My grades were suffering at school and I'd already been hospitalized for a raging ulcer. I needed rest!
Just as I let my eyelids close and attempted to drift off to lala land, I was awakened by the most hideous, blood-curdling, terrifying laugh I had ever heard, and to this day, I can still hear it in my mind... 

And the worst part? 

The worst part, was that IT was under the blankets WITH ME!!  


I could feel it's breath! 

At this point, there was no keeping Marmalade under the blanket any longer.  She'd heard it too, and she literally shred that cover to rags getting out from under it, then took off out of that room like a cat out of hell with me right behind her. 
I flew from my bed to my parents' room, and I don't think my feet even touched the floor. I hit my parents' bedroom and pounced on their bed in one big swoop!
Now were it not for me being so terrified, it would've been quite hilarious, seeing my step-father fumbling for his glasses with his hair stickin' straight up like a rooster...but I didn't have time to laugh...there was SOMETHING in my room! 
Daddy was NOT amused, and he quickly informed me that he knew of something ELSE that better be in my room, in about TWO SECONDS!!   

And I'll tell you what folks...the walk back to my dark and foreboding bedroom that night, was the longest walk of my life! I felt like the condemned, walking his last mile to the execution. I stood at the door facing in to my dark bedroom, willing myself to cross the threshold, and when I finally did get up the courage to run back to my bed, as if to mock me, as I threw the covers back over my frightened little head...I heard the knob to the closet door turn...IT was still there. 

Years later, as an adult, I was delivering pizzas one day, and the house on Kelsall Avenue just happened to be on my route.  I had noticed many people moving in and then right back out over the three years that I worked for Dominos.  It was always like that. No one ever stayed for long. But one day, feeling brave, I just had to have a look at my old bedroom, so I stopped.

As I crept up to my old bedroom window, I almost expected something to jump out at me.  But then I felt foolish. I was all grown up now.  It couldn't hurt me anymore.

Could it? 

For a moment, I was confused.  Was this the right house? Sure looked like it! And then I realized...the closet had been completely covered with if there had never even been a closet there. Someone had tried to enclose the evil!

But I knew better.

I knew there had been a closet there.

And I knew there had been something IN that closet.

And though the closet was no longer there...I could feel that IT was still there.

Watching me...and laughing...FEEDING off my fear.

And by the way...

Marmalade ran away that night so long ago...and we never saw her again.

I only hope IT didn't get her...and I'm very thankful that IT didn't get ME.

But in a did.

And even after all these years, it still comes to visit me sometimes.

 In the dark closet of my childhood nightmares...