May 19, 2011

Trippy Tale # 28...More Personal Ghost Stories!

From "Paranormal Corner"
"Mystic Telephone Ringing & Footsteps"
"When my partner and I lived in Tromsø, Norway, we lived in an old house with 4 floors, including the empty basement, the 1st floor where we lived, Our landlord apartment on the 2nd floor, and the empty 3rd floor attic apartment.

Most of the time the landlord was not there because he and his wife owned another house about 45 minutes away. One day the landlord came to our apartment to tell us that he and his wife were going to Finland for a few weeks to see family and he gave us his cell number in case of emergency. Now that cell phone was the only phone he had. He had no phone in his apartment, basement or the attic.

About a week into his trip, My partner and I started to hear a phone ring  and it sounded like it was coming from his apartment on the 2nd floor. We both heard footsteps coming from the 2nd floor as well. However, when we went up to the 2nd floor all the doors were shut and locked. As soon as we would go back down stairs to our apartment we would once again hear a phone-ring, but with a different ring tone than what we were used to hear from the landlords cell, and hear foot steps. This continued everyday for another week and before called the landlord in Finland to tell him what we were experiencing. 

To our surprise, he informed us that he too had heard footsteps and a phone-ringing when his apartment had no one in it. He also informed us that he himself hears footsteps and mystic phone ringings that seem to be coming from his kitchen, steps or the attic while he is there. However, when he walks into the kitchen or up the attic he sees no one.

Hearing a phone-ring and hearing footsteps continued on and off until we moved out about three years later."

From Yahoo Answers:

"Questions Answered"
"My husband's best friend had been killed in a drunk driving accident, and for months, my husband was tormented as to whether or not his friend had suffered, or was ok wherever he was. One night, while we were staying at his parents' ranch where he grew up, he woke me up with tears streaming down his face. He had just gotten up to use the restroom, and saw something move outside the window. There was his friend, smiling at him and waving. His friend then turned and walked into the darkness. He has been at peace with it ever since then. He said it scared him at first, but his friend didn't look any different, and he felt his friend was trying to tell him it was ok, that he was alright wherever he was. After that, whenever we stayed there, I refused to get up at night to use the bathroom!" :)
"Grumpy Ghost"
"I once lived in an old farmhouse that I now call "The Black House" because of the feeling of dread always present and the things that happened there. My niece was spending the night with me (which she never would do again, in fact) and woke me at midnight asking who the man was that was sitting next to her on the couch? She was very frightened and said that our dog was curled up on the chair staring at him, and she knew it wasn't my son or anyone she had ever seen before. Obviously, there was no one there when I checked. She immediately begged me to call her mom to pick her up NOW. Shortly after wards I felt a "shove" on my back and fell forward down the staircase. I moved shortly after this!"

"Previous Tenant"
"when I moved into my house, my friend and I were upstairs and we happened to look downstairs. We saw a man walk past the staircase. My mom was visiting, so I asked her who had come with her, and she said "No one." Later that day, we were going through pictures the previous owner left behind, and we found a picture of the man! I guess he lived in the house before we did."

"Childhood Fear"

"Things came alive for me at night - not all nights, but enough - and there were many things I found terrifying.
The china doll (an angel) that stood beside my bed - I can vividly remember her turning her head to stare into my eyes. The worst, for me, was on the rare occasions where I was convinced she'd moved her fingers.
And then there were the mirrors. I hated those mirrors! There were two on either side of the wall and so they reflected against each other and I was convinced I could (and terrified I would) find my way in.
But worst of all, was when my name was called. The voice came (a man’s voice - smooth) whenever I was particularly on edge. It was infuriating – I knew what made the voice come, but the harder I tried to calm down, the more worked up I would get. I didn’t dare look in the mirrors while he was calling my name, I ran as fast I could back to my bed where I would lie and wonder what would happen if I didn’t. I never did try to find out!"

From Socyberty-Paranormal Experiences:

"Great Granny's Late-Night Visitor"
"I am not sure if I really remember seeing this or remember being told about it. Either way, this was my first paranormal experience.
In 1964, I was five years old. My great grandmother came to stay with us while my maternal grandparents took a much-needed vacation. They were her caregivers.
Granny slept in the same room with me. We had two twin beds.
One morning at breakfast, she told my mother about a women knocking on our bedroom window during the night. She said the women wanted her to climb out the window and join her. My mother laughed and told her it was a dream. The next day Granny died in my mother’s arms. Could this have been the Angel of Death calling for her, the ghost of a loved one or as my mother thought a simple dream?"

The True Story Of A Single Mom Who Experienced A Haunting In A Public Housing Unit