February 16, 2013

Trippy Tales # 76..."The Hinsdale Haunting"

From paranormal blogspot.com:
In 1970, Clara and Phil Dandy moved in to a century-old farmhouse in Hinsdale, New York, leaving the chaos of city life behind. Shortly after, their son Mike befriends some local boys. They decided to explore the nearby woods one day and encounter something unexpected. Upon spotting a hunter, they begin to follow him until he mysteriously disappeared right before their eyes sending the boys running from the forest. This would be the beginning of a stressful four years.

A couple of weeks later, Clara walked the family dog in the very same woods and heard strange chanting. One night, board games were pulled off a shelf on to Mike's bed waking him from a deep sleep. They also experienced mysterious burns on their bodies, bricks pulled from a crawlspace chimney dismantled and placed in the middle of the room, a female spirit spotted wandering the house and witnessed "energy orbs". All these experiences led the Dandy's to contact Rev. Alphonsus Trabold from nearby St. Bonaventure University to rid themselves of the haunting in 1974.

After a few phone calls, Rev. Trabold arrived at the house with psychic Alex Tanous. Tanous relays to the Dandy's that the house was a stop on the stagecoach route. Tells them he saw several bodies in the crawl space of travelers who were robbed and killed or died of natural causes. Claimed he sensed seven spirits under those stairs. Several days after the visit, Mike had a car accident suffering a ruptured spleen and head injuries. He told state troopers someone was in the car with him but no trace of another person was ever found.

After Mike recovered from his injuries, Rev. Trabold and Alex Tanous made another visit. Tanous contacted the spirits haunting the property telling them to move on. Then, Father Al and the family joined together and performed a "common exorcism", an exorcism of a house or object. The ritual brought peace to the family and calmed the paranormal activity...for a few months. After the activity returned, the family decided to move out. They couldn't find a buyer and had to declare bankruptcy, but managed to leave for California in 1975.

Clara later penned a book about their experiences entitled Echoes of a Haunting (A House in The Country). The house has also been the subject of a docudrama and featured on an episode of the Discovery Channel's A Haunting. The famed house on McMahon Road has made a jump back in to recent news. Current owners Florence and Joseph Misnik have lived in the house since 1986. Their experiences have not compared to that of the Dandy's. Flo saw a man in blue jeans with a rifle in their bedroom. They have often heard the sounds of a phantom car in their driveway and smelled cigar smoke even though neither smokes.

Now in their 80s, the subject of the structures future is in question. Michael Rambacher, a friend of the Misniks and medium/paranormal investigator, is in the process of trying to acquire the house from them in order to establish a paranormal research centre. Rambacher is in the process of trying to raise enough money to pay off their mortgage and make necessary repairs to the dwelling. He hopes the couple will then donate the house and land to paranormal research with the assurances they can remain on the property until their deaths. The Misniks believe the house has a lot of history and don't want it to disappear in to ruins.
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