April 16, 2011

Trippy Tale #14..."Haunted Trailer"

Haunted Trailer
(by MJ @ about.com/paranormal)

"As a kid, there was a space of about four years that my mom, stepdad, sister and I shared a 3 bedroom, 2 bath double-wide...

This was not in a trailer park, but rather, on an acre of land in North Florida, where we had neighbors, as well as open land around us. In other words, we were in the country, but we were nowhere overly remote.

My mom and stepdad were catering a party, and they entrusted me with my sister for the night. At the time, my sister was around four years old.

My friend that lived across the street, Marlie, was also staying over to keep us company, and we were told that if anything went wrong, to go back to Marlie's house, because her mother was home.

There was no contact number for my mother, which worried her particularly, but I assured her that we would be okay. After all, I was in 7th grade, had always been a responsible girl, and I seriously wanted for Mom to trust me to stay home alone at night whether I was babysitting or not.

Before I go further, I must mention that there had been some paranormal phenomena in this place, but it was minor, like an occasional flash in the corner of one's eye that was not convincing enough to be called "spooky." I never gave these incidents a whole lot of thought, and never mentioned them to Marlie, much less my little sister.

The night began on a fun note. We ate an incredible meal that Mom had left for us, my sister was behaving, and for the most part, playing with our calico kitten, Katie. All of us were in the living room watching television. Then, we heard the noises in my mother's bedroom. She had a creaky bed that made noises when anyone sat on it, and that was the first thing we heard, followed by the slamming open of the sliding closet door.

Being the "brave" one, I went to investigate, and found that there was an impression on the bed that looked as though someone were lying on it, and the closet door was wide open.

Even my little sister knew something was amiss here, because my mother's nickname is "Mrs. Clean" and you can bounce quarters off a bed made by her!  Leaving a closet door open is almost a mortal sin! Marlie and I laughingly blamed a ghost, and were about to sit down once more, when we heard yet another noise...

This time, the noise had come from my bedroom.

Anyone that has ever lived in a trailer will know that footsteps and anything dropped, will be heard even in the largest of trailers, and this sounded like someone had taken a large book and thrown it to the floor. It was really LOUD!

By this time, my sister was clutching her cat, (whom I desperately wanted to blame for this stuff) in her arms, looking nervous, and Marlie, like me, kept her cool for the toddler's sake. The three of us went to investigate, and found that my room was undisturbed.

Then, the noises began to come from everywhere!

There was loud banging on the windows, and we ran from window to window hoping to catch whoever it was trying to scare us, because we wanted to think that someone was out there trying to freak us out, even though it would not have explained what happened in my mom's room and mine.

There was nothing, and it was a moonlit night, so anyone that might have been in the yard would have had a hard time hiding, much less banging on more than one window at once, which is what it culminated to.

At this point, Marlie armed herself with a baseball bat, and I took up a butcher knife, and we all camped out in the kitchen to decide what to do...

I thought to make a run for Marlie's mom, but Marlie talked me out of it, thinking that if there were living culprits, they might still be out there, and opening the door would be more dangerous than just staying put. We could not call Marlie's mom because their phone was broken. My sister was in hysterics at this point, and the noises had not stopped.

Calming my sister down enough to make her listen, I told her that I was going to call the police, and not to tell Mom, or she would be afraid to let me babysit ever again.

When the police arrived, they looked all over the property for footprints around the house and found none. We calmly explained what had happened, and Marlie's mom, seeing the commotion, came over, backing up our story about my mother's whereabouts and assuring the police that neither Marlie nor myself were the type to make things up. The police left, and Marlie's mom listened to the story once more.

She was convinced that it was nothing living, but graciously gave her daughter the choice as to whether or not she wanted to stay. Marlie, surprisingly, decided to stay, and we set up a signal, so that if we needed her mom to return, we could just flash the living room lights three times. Things quieted down after that.

Shortly afterward, the three of us camped out in my room with the cat. Marlie and I had a hard time sleeping, but did not want to leave my sister alone while she slept, still cuddled with her tolerant cat.

For hours, we could hear the whisperings of what seemed like a group of people outside the bedroom door, that were just quiet enough to be heard without their words being understood.  

We were so relieved when my mom got home, but I never told her what had happened until the next day, when my sister started to talk about it, breaking her promise, as four year olds will do.

To this day, I still don't know what to make of what happened there that night!

Weird things always happened in that trailer, but never to that degree before or since. My sister, now 22, remembers this event as though it happened yesterday, young as she was.

When we talk about it now, we still don't understand it."

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