October 30, 2011

Trippy Tale #40..."The Haunting Of Laura"

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"The Haunting of Laura"

Traumatic events can sometimes trigger poltergeist activity, but for one young girl, the torment seemed to have no end...
It is currently theorized that poltergeist activity arises out of the subconscious of a living person, called an agent. This agent, very often a young girl, usually is known to be under some kind of stress, whether it is emotional, physical or psychological. By some mechanism that is still unknown to science (and paranormal researchers), this inner stress can manifest as phenomena outside the agent. Turmoil inside the body and mind of the agent becomes a physical reality in the form of knocks on the walls, lights and other electrics flicking off and on by themselves, objects thrown about, and more.
The case of Laura B. might very well qualify her as a poltergeist agent. As a young girl she suffered the anguish of an alcoholic father, who often lashed out in violent anger. It's not surprising, then, that Laura was terrified of her home's basement at night, since that is where her parents' bedroom was. "The creepy feeling in my basement intensified as his alcoholism and addictions grew worse," Laura says, "and I would refuse to go into my parents' room for any reason. There was always a negative feeling in the room, but I always attributed that to my dad."
Evil in itself is not paranormal, and we can easily understand why Laura would get negative feelings from that room. About five years ago, however, her parents divorced, and that's when the line began to be crossed into the unexplained - when the poltergeist activity began.
"All of the negative feelings that had been in my parents' room suddenly moved into my room and intensified," Laura says. Now on one level this could be understood as a psychological reaction. Many children feel responsible or guilty for their parents' divorces, and Laura might have been transferring the negative feelings she once had about her parents' room (her father) and brought them into her own room (her unjustified guilt).
But now that she was directing this fear and trauma inward, it began to manifest in outward phenomena.
"I had taken the TV from downstairs into my room but always had to sleep with it on or with me facing the other direction," Laura says in explaining how the phenomena began. "If I looked around my room at night, I would always see a tiny red orb zip across my room. I would watch it zoom from one side of my room to another, almost like the red dot from a laser pointer. Shortly after I would see this red light, if I looked at my TV there would be a small green square flashing at the center of the screen. This square would get larger with each flash and looked like it was an image, but I was way too scared to look at it. The flashing TV sent me extremely bad vibes and I would always turn on the lights or the TV afterward so I wouldn't be in the dark, terrible, silent dark."
If this happened just once we might dismiss this experience as a hallucination, but the phenomenon repeated night after night for Laura. "Each night I would see the screen flash once and be too terrified to even consider looking at it. I realized that the red light was a sign that the TV would flash, so I would always turn on the TV or slam my eyes shut when I saw it. I got so scared of the red light and green flash that I stopped sleeping in my room altogether."
Fast forward to a year after Laura's parents divorced. It was the end of the school year and Laura decided to have a sleepover party with a few close friends to celebrate. Laura planned for them to sleep in the living room, making the excuse that her bedroom was too small. "I had other reasons for saying that, she says."
One girl was intent on sneaking into Laura's room, however, and when she did so, Laura had a disturbing vision. "What I saw made me go cold," she recalls. "Black, smog-like gunk was oozing out from the crack under my door into the hallway. It was one of the most disgusting looking things I have ever seen."

Laura was at her wit's end. She asked another trusted friend, who happened to have an interest in the paranormal, to investigate her room. She went in and came out a while later looking white-faced. "Whatever is in your room is the most evil thing I have ever encountered," she told Laura. "It is not human."
To be objective, we don't know whether or not Laura's friend is a suitable judge of such matters, but she did perhaps feel the same negativity that Laura was dealing with. Laura believes this was a turning point.
"After she investigated my room, it was as if Hell had been unleashed," Laura says. "I believe that acknowledging the entity for what it was gave it power. The negative feeling in my room spread to the entire house and made being there feel oppressive. I no longer felt safe in my house."
It all seemed to come to a head one summer night when Laura and this friend were in the house alone. "Even though it was the summer, my entire house was cold," she says. "A heavy, malevolent feeling seemed to creep ever closer to us. We were cold, so we decided to make some soup. As we were in my kitchen, we heard a scratching noise come from the inside the microwave. We opened it up to see where it could be coming from and the noise stopped. We couldn't find the source so we shut the door... and the scratching started up again."
Laura's dog began to act strangely. He would stand, look nervously at the TV, whine with discomfort, then sit down again with his ears pinned back submissively. The two girls decided to put on a movie to calm their escalating fears.
"I was sitting on my couch with my feet tucked under me when I felt something cold, thick and pointed brush from my heel to the arch of my foot," says Laura. "It was very deliberate and the worst sensation I have ever felt. I screamed and jumped up, and my friend and I ran outside and got onto my trampoline and just held each other in the semi darkness.
"I looked toward my room and I could see a shape in my window, even though no one else was home. My dog started to freak out again and there was a rustling noise in the grass. I saw what looked like a black cloak being dragged across the grass. The shape circled the trampoline several times and then disappeared."
The disturbing activity continued for Laura until she got some advice from an online friend. "He said he had two guardian spirits that he would send to me to take care of the creature, one light and one dark," Laura says. "I was desperate for any kind of help, so I agreed."
Most of us probably would not have taken that solution very seriously, but Laura insists that she witnessed a phenomenon that she interpreted as those two guardian spirits.
"That night I stayed up all night watching three orbs of light fly frantically around my house," she says. "One was an inky black color that seemed to ooze and drip. The others were a large black ball and a smaller white ball. The white and black ball were chasing and bumping in to the inky blot as I watched wide-eyed. The black and white spirits forced it out of my house, and for a while I thought everything would be alright."
Things were not alright, however. Laura continued to be haunted by menacing shadows and experienced one particularly terrifying illusion. "A couple of houses down the street there is a family that has large Rottweilers," she says. "One night I was walking home when I looked at that dog. It was staring at me with inky black eyes. It also looked like its jaw had been ripped off and its tongue was just lolling out of its mouth. I ran to my house and in front of my driveway was a cat with the same ripped out jaw, but its eyes were normal. It was strange and disturbing, but luckily I only saw that phenomenon once."
Today the phenomena have subsided, but Laura admits that her faith has been shaken by this ordeal. "I'm not sure what I believe anymore," she says, "but all that I know for sure, is that there is true evil in this world!"

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October 24, 2011

Trippy Tales #39...Halloween Screams!

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Halloween is fast approaching, and I hope you'll enjoy the following gory-stories...they were hand-picked just for you!

People report paranormal phenomena at all times of the year, but there’s something about Halloween night that heightens the senses and, perhaps, connects us more readily to forces unexplained. Consider these chilling true tales of Halloween horror from the about.com website...

Evil in the Attic

"Attics can be scary places... maybe even more so around Halloween time. Take it from Eve, who as a young girl ventured into her attic alone in search of costumes. “My mum and sister went to my neighbor's house, leaving me alone in the house,” says Eve. “It was about 4:30 and already beginning to get dark. I took that opportunity to sneak upstairs into the attic to try on some Halloween stuff. I quickly ran up the steps, knowing that if my mum came back and caught me, I would be in deep trouble. Although all the windows were shut, I felt a cold breeze pass through me, but I thought nothing of it at first because I had had no past experiences of paranormal phenomena.”
Eve rummaged through the bag of Halloween costumes and pulled out a witch’s hat, which she tried on for size. Almost immediately, some unseen force hit the hat. She dropped the bag and quickly turned around, but found nothing against which she could have knocked the hat. “As I bent down to pick up the bag, I saw the handle to the bathroom door turn and the door rapidly opened,” Eve says. “I walked cautiously into the bathroom, wondering what had caused the door to open in such a way. I had a feeling that there was another presence in the room. I looked out of the window to check if my mother and sister were still outside, and sure enough they were. Just as I was about to turn away form the window, I saw the reflection of the cupboard door sliding open. I turned around hastily to try and see what was causing these incidents, but I wasn't quick enough to catch whatever it was.”
Terrified, Eve threw the bag back into the cardboard box and ran downstairs and out into the front garden, waiting anxiously for her mum to return home. “That night, I had a nightmare about what might have followed if I had stayed up there any longer,” Eve says. “Evil, gleaming red eyes stared at me from the bathroom cupboard, locking me in the toilet and causing complete havoc all around the house. Several unexplainable things have happened up there since then, including ‘self-breaking’ objects.”
What was it, beside her own equilibrium, that Eve disturbed in that attic that evening?"

The Phantom Car

"It was Halloween evening 1995 when Pamela and her brother were heading home on a country road near Greenbelt, Maryland. At the time, I was not licensed to drive, so as usual my brother was the driver. As it was darkening, Pamela reckons that they were moving at about 25-30 mph on the two-lane road, with her brother at the wheel.
Suddenly appearing behind them, and approaching quickly, was a black vehicle with two large, round and glaringly bright headlights. Almost as quickly, the car was beside them on the left, as if trying to pass. But, Pamela says, it seemed that the old black car was floating rather than riding the pavement. “This old car was in the path of head-on traffic,” Pamela recalls. “It seemed like those other cars kept going without interruption. My brother and I looked over inside the car and there were four young teenagers, two young men and two young ladies.”
Strangely, they looked to be dressed in farm clothing from the 1930s or 1940s – and they all looked as white as ghosts. The young lady in the front passenger turned her head slowly to Pamela and her brother and smiled, then turned back. The two people in the back seat just stared. Then, inexplicably, the car floated past them... and vanished into thin air.
But that’s not the end of this ghost story. “In 1997, my brother and I were on the same road, around the same time, again coming home,” Pamela says, “and the same spirits appeared and repeated the same scene. In 1998, my brother was alone driving home on this road and the same ghosts appeared again, repeating the same scenario.
“Maybe these teens were going out on Halloween and got into some terrible accident. They are clearly stuck on this road driving! God rest their souls!”