July 1, 2011

Trippy Blog #32...A couple cool paranormal pics!

Hello & welcome back to the playhouse!

 I have some ghostly photos to share with you today.

The first, is a picture of me taken a few years ago, with my head cut off.

(That is, cut off out of the camera range!;)

My friend who took it, is famous for cuttin' people's heads off in photos!


You can clearly see a man in the center of the riding ring.

Only problem was...there was no man there when the picture was taken!

(Atleast no man that I recall anyway-and I was there for over an hour!)

The man looks very much like a man who had worked (and suddenly died) at the stables from a heart attack.  He had been complaining of his arm hurting the day before he passed, which makes it all that more mysterious that his arm isn't showing in the photo. After showing this picture to the stable owner, we concluded that maybe this was the reason the horses had been acting so "spooked" around that time!

The next photo was sent to me by my sweetheart, Gaston, and has been passed around the net for quite some time.  It is a photo of The Allman Brothers at their very first rehearsal after Duane died in 1971. The photo was taken in November of that year, in Juliette, Ga.

I've enlarged this picture so you can see under the stage...on the far left hand side.
(Your left....the pic's right)

Sure looks like Duane to me!

Here is a photo of him with Berry Oakley for comparison:
Cool huh?! :)

I hope you enjoyed today's blog!

Stay tuned for more paranormal pics and trippy tales, coming soon!