February 21, 2012

Trippy Tales # 56..."Strange Seances"...Part Two

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"An aunt of mine once told me this bizarre story that happened right before her while attending a seance session with a few friends.

I guess you know what seance means.  It's supposed to be a procedure for communicating through a medium with the souls of those who've passed away.

First of all let me say, I neither believe nor am I interested in seance.  It's the same with most people.  But there are some who simply like to participate for fun, in a light hearted way.  It was the same with my aunt.

One evening, she and a few of her lady friends got together for dinner at the house of one of these ladies. After dinner, while they were at the coffee table, the host who often took interest in conducting seance sessions decided to have one that evening.  Since I've never seen a seance session, I wouldn't know the details of its setup and neither did I ask my aunt about it.

My aunt went on to say that soon after the session began as everyone sat around the table, a small plastic jar on the table began to move on it's own, apparently indicating the presence of some soul .... even though the medium hadn't attempted to call anyone yet.  Everyone was very shocked.   According to my aunt, when the medium asked this soul its name, it answered "Jasmine."  After asking a few more questions, the medium confirmed that this woman had died only 3 or 4 hours ago in a car accident in the same neighborhood.  This really made everyone feel nervous and jittery.  They quickly ended the seance session, finished their coffee and after a while the guests went home.

The following morning when my aunt was reading the newspaper, she saw a small news story in the city page, mentioning of a young woman by the name 'Jasmine' something (can't recall the surname) who was killed in a car accident in that neighborhood the previous evening around 6 p.m.

They had the seance session at around 9 p.m.

Everyone was so shaken up by this incident that they never indulged in this game again."