April 10, 2011

Doing My Homework...A Few Words About "THE HAT MAN"...

Welcome back friends!

I hope you all slept well last night, and weren't bothered by any...thing.

(Seriously...I do!)

Please don't think that just because I write a blog about the paranormal, that I'm not sympathetic to what some of you may be going through, regarding these shadow "beings"...(for lack of a better word) I really don't know what to call them. But what I do know, is what it's like to be nervous, or downright scared of the dark, when bedtime rolls around every night. You see, though I've never seen a shadow person, or even a ghost, I've heard things that I know were of a paranormal nature. Things that tormented me in bed at night...things that wouldn't let me rest, and frightened me to the point of sleeping so far under the blankets, that I would wake up in the mornings with my hair dripping wet, from sweating all night. I'll talk more about that in my next blog, but for now, I wanna talk about this..."HAT MAN"...

Heidi Hollis is the director and founder of the UFO & paranormal discussion group, UFO2U. Let's take a look at what she has to say about..."IT"...

"It's taken some time for me to finally address a clearer picture of what the thing I've coined to be called "The Hat Man" is, and what he's about.  He came at a time when the Shadow People had made themselves known to me. I admit that this occurrence sounded quite a bit different from the Shadow People. But in knowing that the Shadows could take on various forms, even influencing people, including taking on the form of what’s called the Men In Black, I was nearly certain he was merely one of the Shadows. Apparently, I had the right idea, but not fully. Seems this Hat Man is indeed related to the "dark side" as the Shadow People are even with similar agendas, but he can come at precise times in a person's life or not. Shadow People like to choke, scare, absorb fear and cause it. This Hat Man can do and will do these same things, but is mostly known for and seen as an observer who appears and quickly leaves. Sometimes the timing is significant, while other times it can leave you scratching your head about why he came at all. If there is anything of importance I'd like to say about a person seeing this Hat Man, is that it is a worldwide phenomenon. Him showing up doesn't necessarily mean you are about to die,or that someone close to you will." 

I hope this gives some comfort to those of you having problems with this A-hole!  And another thing I've learned in my research of this being, is that he seems to thrive off of fear. So even though he (IT, whatever!) has been described as "terrifying", if you can somehow be braver than I was as a child, and come out from under the blankets and CONFRONT this bastard...maybe...JUST MAYBE, he would finally GO AWAY!!

We'll talk more about it in part three. Please Stay Tuned!