May 11, 2011

Trippy Tale # 25...."The Closet Monster"

Do you believe in the "Closet Monster"  ??
When I was a little girl, I was absolutely terrified of my bedroom closet!  I'll get more in to that later, but for now, I want to relate some stories from other people, who have a fear of closets as well.  It seems I'm not the only poor soul who's been frightened out of their wits by the dreaded closet monster...

"When I was a little girl and my brother was still living at home, I, being the youngest, had to have the little room. I hated that room! Scary things happened then, that have haunted me my entire life! When I was around the age of six, my dad would stay in there with me until I fell asleep. I wanted to sleep with him and mom, but he would never allow it. I remember crying myself to sleep every night because I didn't want to stay in that room. I hated it! I would have a horrible feeling of dread and fear every time I stayed in that room. During the nights, I would wake up to the sound of a loud BANG coming from my closet. I would look around to see what it was, and my closet door would always be open. The only thing I kept in my closet was clothes and some toys, but that's it, nothing would have caused it to open and make a big loud noise to wake me up. I also remember it opening and shutting by itself loads of times. It would scare me so bad, that I would pee myself and sleep with my brother in the other room. It was horrifying! My mom, dad, nor my brother would ever believe me about it, so I felt like I was crazy and I still feel like that! To this day, I can't sleep with a closet open. Sounds stupid I know, but maybe I'm just a paranoid person when it comes to closets!"

(Sounds like she has good reason to be!)

"The Guest Room Ghost"
"I used to live in Newcastle, Australia from the time I was 1 year till I turned 15. I then moved back to the states where I was born. However, when I live in Newcastle, I lived in two houses. We moved into our second house in 1992 when I was 12 years old. It was a gigantic old house and it was pretty darn cool!
It was cool until a week later, when I was in my room reading, and my closet door slammed open. I don’t get scared too easily, but this certainly got my attention! I thought maybe it was one of my younger brothers trying to tease me because five minutes earlier, I had been in the bathroom. I got off the window seat and walked over to the closet with my foam bat. I was about to hit one of my twit brothers with it, when instead, I hit air. I turned on the closet light and saw nothing. It creeped me out!  I went down the hall to tell my Dad. He came into my room and looked around the closet. He decided it was probably the vent. I told him the vent would close the door, not slam it open. He thought about that for a minute and asked if I wanted to sleep downstairs for the night. I said "YES!" and slept down there that night.
The next night my dad asked if I wanted to sleep in my room again, and I said yes because one of my younger brothers was teasing me. That night, I slept with the light on. Nothing happened, but I was still scared. Any little noise made my heart leap into my throat.
The next night wasn’t as quiet. Again, I slept with the light on. Around 11 pm, my closet door started to creak open. I watched it perfectly from my bed with the lights on. It wasn’t pleasant. I screamed to bloody hell and my parents came running. When they got inside the room, my dad looked at the closet while it was still slowly opening. That night, I slept with my mum and my dad took my bed. Nothing happened to him. He told me so the next morning, but said he would set a camera up for me that night to catch anything if it happened. He asked my brothers to camp out with me so I wouldn’t be scared. They agreed.
That night, we all slept on the ground in our sleeping bags. My brother stopped making fun of me. It wasn’t so funny to him now that he was sleeping in my room. We all fell asleep. Around 4 am, I was shook awake by my other brother. He had tears coming down his eyes. I looked at the closet and my heart felt like it stopped. It was creaking open again very slooooowly. My brother shook my other brother awake too. He kind of moaned when he saw it. It happened very slowly. Bit by bit. Then all of a sudden, half way through, it slammed open. It opened so fast, that it put a small hole in the wall. My brothers screamed and we all ran out of the room.
My Dad didn’t even ask any questions, but went straight to my room and we followed. He looked in the closet. Nothing there. We started to all talk at once, but he quickly told us to be quiet and grabbed the video camera that was propped up on my bed. He took it to his room and put it in the VCR. All five of us watched the door open slowly, then slam open on the TV. My dad didn’t say anything but just tousled my hair. He went back to the room and returned with our sleeping bags. We slept with them that night. The next da,y my Dad moved all of my belongings and my bed to the guest room. The guest room became mine and my old room became the guest room. Nothing happened in my new room. I was happy! :)
Two months later, my Uncle came for a visit from the States. My Dad told him about the room and offered him my room. I would just sleep with my brothers in their room that they shared. He declined and said that he had always wanted to see a ghost. So we set his stuff up. The next morning, he asked for my room. I didn’t know then, because my parents wouldn’t say, but my Uncle told me a year ago that the closet opened by itself. He didn’t see it happen, but when he woke up to use the bathroom, it was open. He put a chaise lounge we had in the room against the closet and for the rest of the night, he listened to scratching coming from inside the closet on the door. The next morning, he was still too scared to open the door himself, so he got my father and they both moved the chaise out of the way and opened the door. Nothing was there.
A year later, my brother’s friend wanted to see the room and the closet after he was told about it all. Nothing happened, but the guest room became an attraction for all my brothers’ friends, and soon, my friends who heard about it. My parents weren’t pleased, but they were always gone at work when we came home from school. They couldn’t enforce the ban of no kids in the guest room. Also, since I had turned 13, they felt that a babysitter was no longer needed, since it was only 45 minutes till they came home.
One day, my youngest brother brought some kids by to see the closet again. Nothing had ever happened when a lot of kids came by, but that day was different. They all looked around the room for a bit and looked in the closet. Nothing interesting, so my brother closed the door. I came in and told everybody that they needed to leave because my mum would be home soon. The minute I finished that sentence, the door slammed open. Everybody screamed and ran out of the room. Nobody cared about my mum coming home any longer. They all stayed downstairs and talked about it.
My mum came home and everybody told her what happened. She was not pleased. She sent everybody home and lectured us for about 20 minutes. When my dad came home, he was calmer but still not happy. We were told we could no longer go in that room. We didn’t need to be told twice.
Another year went by. We had all become used to the noises coming from that room. It scared us still, but we were content that it was only that room. A friend of my Mums stayed with us for about two weeks that winter. She was leaving her abusive husband and needed a place to stay. My parents warned her about the room and she agreed not to stay in it. Instead, she took my room and I bunked with my brothers. It was only supposed to be for three weeks, so I didn’t mind much. One night, she went upstairs to brush her teeth. The upstairs bathroom was across from the guest room. We heard running up above us and then she flew down the stairs. She was panicky. She started ranting that the bedroom door flew open, and in the reflection on the mirror, she saw a “thing” standing there. She said it was the size of a midget and dark. That’s all she saw, because she took off running.
My dad grabbed the poker from the fireplace and ran upstairs with me. The bedroom door was indeed open and so was the closet door. We didn’t see anything else. My mum’s friend refused to sleep in the house and left that night to check into a hotel. My dad was angry and my mum upset. However, oddly, nothing happened for a long time, not even noises. Then I turned 15. My dad was playing with the idea of moving back to the states. He missed his family and was offered a good job there. I was the only one who had been to the states, but was only a year old when I was there. I was nervous about moving there. However, it would mean that we would leave this house behind. That was good. We started talking about it a lot. It must have made whatever was there unhappy, because things REALLY started happening then.
At night, when we watched TV together, we would hear running upstairs above us. Sometimes we heard glass breaking upstairs, but upon inspection, nothing was wrong. Then one night, I woke up to my closet door opening in my NEW room. I saw something small looking out from the darkness of the closet. It wasn’t a "thing" like my mums friend had said. It looked more like a little girl. She looked mean though. That was too much for me. I screamed bloody murder! My parents came running and when my dad caught sight of the closet door, he ran over to it, turned on the light and looked inside. He then told me to go to their room and collected my brothers and had them sleep in their room too. That was what made them definitely decide we were moving, whether we went to the states or not. We actually sold the house to a ghost hunting couple (kinda funny) so we didn’t feel bad since they were excited about living in a haunted house. Go figure. That’s it. Nothing else happened after that night when we decided we were moving. Thanks for reading my novel!"

(Sent in by Jett, Copyright 2008 all rights reserved.)

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