September 5, 2012

Trippy Tales #72....Kids' Creepy Experiences With Things That Go Boo In The Night!

Baby-Stealing Werewolf
(By Loopycute at
"What I'm going to tell you has never been told by me to anybody, with the exception of my mother because I still I believe whatever I saw might come to hunt me.
Forty-five years ago, I was living in Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico with my family. I was 4 years old at the time. I remember that it was during summer time because we had just come back from our vacation.
When we came back to our neighborhood, one of the neighbors told my mom that she lost her baby boy and that it was the third tragedy around that colony within the month. I recalled my mom telling my dad that night that she was very scared and wanted us to move as soon as possible. My dad told her that we would.
When she was done talking to him, she called me and my brother and gave us instructions to not go outside after dark, no matter what!
About two nights later, we were celebrating my brother's birthday, and after the celebration my mom cleaned the house and put us to sleep. Sometime that night I woke up to drink water, and I noticed that it was really bright inside the kitchen because the moonlight was very bright coming through the window above the kitchen sink.
I was too small to get a cup from the cupboards, so I pulled a chair from our dinning table and put it right in front of the sink. At that moment, I happened to look into my neighbor's house across from our home and noticed that there was someone or something very big in front of their door... and it seemed to be holding something.
When I got closer to the window to see what it was holding, I realized that whatever it was standing there was taller than the door. It had pointed ears and had no clothing on. When I saw the ears, I jumped and my chair made a loud noise. The thing turned and looked at me -- and I saw its face!
It looked like a police dog with bright red eyes on two legs, and what it was holding was a baby! I got off the chair, ran to the room to my baby brother's bed and held him for a long time. I was so scared that I thought whatever I saw was going to come through the door and take us away.
The next morning, we went to church, and our neighbor told my parents that her friend across from our home lost her child the night before and that nobody knew how it had happened. When I heard that, I started crying. My mom asked me what was wrong with me and I told her what I had seen. She told me that we would be moving sooner and to never to tell anybody what I saw. And I haven't... until now.
From then on, I have this nightmare once in a while. I see myself as a kid walking and being chased by the beast that I saw.
Years later, When I was 25 years old, I went to the fair and entered the tent of a fortune telling woman. She held my hand and told me a few things that were happening to me at the time. Suddenly she pushed my hand away and told me to go away. When I asked her why, she said that I had a shadow and that sooner or later it was going to find me. It was a very dark, mean thing looking for me.
I asked her to help me, but she shook her head and said, "No, baby. He won't hurt you. He would hurt whoever is around you and whoever tries to help you. So please go!"
Until now, I have my dark moments when I'm always looking around for any strangers coming toward me. I try to avoid the woods, which the fortune telling woman told me to do. This really happened to me."
Little Green Trolls


"This happened when I was about eight or nine years old. My twin brother and I shared our bedroom, two seperate twins beds. On a few nights we would both be awakened to five or six green glowing men, what I can only decribe as trolls.
They where on top of our tall dreeser across the room. They were maybe four or five inches tall. They were walking on top of the dresser with tools in their hands: hammers, etc. Crude looking hammers. Their clothing also crude and dishelvled.
They would walk back and forth as though they were doing work with their equipment, not caring that my brother and I were both lying there staring at them in amazement. They would make gruff noise and continued to work on top of the dresser.
This would happen for, I quess, a minute or so until they would one by one walk away in a line -- not through the wall, but they would just dissapear before they actually came in contact with the wall.
This happened over 30 years ago. I actually forgot about it until I happened to mention it to my wife. She obviously didn't believe me, so I asked my twin brother if he remembers strange things that would happen in our old bedroom when we were little. He without hesitation said to me, "You mean those little green suckers that would make all that noise at night? Yeah, I remember that!"
The Cloudy Ghost
"When I was 12 years old in 2004, my family and I moved into a mobile home in a little town called Alvin, Texas, near Houston. One evening while doing my chores, I was washing clothes in the laundry room. The dryer buzzed, meaning the clothes were ready. I got my basket to go take them out to fold.
I was getting ready to go into the bedroom to fold the clothes, but right when I was about to walk in, I froze in shock. The hair from my toes all the way on top of my head stood. At the foot of my bed on the floor sat a figure, his knees to his chest, all white. He turned to look at me, but he had no face; it was all blank.
I guess I scared him as much as he scared me, because as soon as he saw me, he stood up and ran into my closet to hide. It was a very weird but amazing thing to see. If I had to describe him, it was like seeing a human, arms, legs, head, but all white, like a cloud. No features, just white.
A few nights after that, I had been lying in bed waiting for my mother to get home (she worked late nights). But I liked waiting up for her. I had my bedroom door open and I was staring into the hall. It was about 2 in the morning.
All of a sudden, I heard someone moving the dishes around in the kitchen. I thought nothing of it, thinking it was my older brother. It got silent again, then out of nowhere I heard thump, thump, thump... someone was running from the kitchen to the living room.
I threw my covers off and quickly ran to the kitchen and yelled, "Manuel," calling my brother's name. But there was no one there. I went to check on my brother and he was knocked out, fast asleep.
Whoever passed away there loved messing with me and only me, somtimes knocking on my front door at all times of day or night. I would open it to find no one there. I am glad we finally moved away a few years later because I could finally sleep peacefully!"
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September 4, 2012

Trippy Tales #71...."Scary Stories From The Spooky Isles!"

Ghouled Evening, and welcome to the playhouse! Please come in!

Tonight's Trippy Tales have been skullfully selected from "The Spooky Isles" (of London) at I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did!

Manchester’s SHIRLEY JOHNSON reveals her childhood ghost experience – the night a “cherub” appeared at her window!

“When I was 4 or 5 years old back in the early 1970′s we lived on a new estate in Whitefield, Bury.
A lovely open spaced area with lots of fields. I remember going upstairs to bed one night, as normal, and dropping off to sleep.
I was woken up by a tapping noise, and turned round to look at my sister who was fast asleep in her bed.
When I looked up above her, there was somebody there, tapping lightly outside the window.
I can only describe it as “cherub” looking – very white, small, about 3 foot tall, with tight white curls.
Next thing I know, this being is standing on the windowsill, which surprised me, but I wasn’t scared.
We started chatting, about what, I don’t recall.
I looked around at the wall because I could hear banging again and saw two black shadows,with top hats and capes on.
They looked like they were pulling something back and hammering.
I still wasn’t frightened.
All of a sudden my Mum walked in the room and asked who I was talking to.
I looked at her and replied ‘the white lady’, and when I looked back, she, and the shadows were gone.
My Mum was a little freaked out by my tale, even though she thought I had dreamed it.
We found out from our neighbors, that the new estate had been built on an old cemetery.
We moved house not long after.
My Mum and me talked about my story for many years after, and it is still clear in my mind.
I still can’t watch the film "Poltergeist" without being unnerved, because of the similarity of the house being built on a cemetery.
I like to believe that the Cherub was there to protect me from the shadowy figures. I would certainly be scared if anything happened like that to me now.”

And now, a more sinister story...

Powys’ LISA MUNDAY describes her childhood memory of watching ghostly body parts float across her bedroom walls...

“From my childhood I’ll never forget the three-story house we lived in.
I hated everything about this house from the attic to the basement!
It was always dark and huge.
Being a child at the age of 5,  I always believed in the monsters under my bed and the boogeyman, so I guess you could say that maybe this is just my imagination but even today 23 years on I can still picture it.
All of it.
It only happened one night (luckily we moved out not long after).
I was in bed, lying awake, talking to myself (as 5 years olds do, I guess), I could hear my brother (he would have been 8 then) singing in his room.
It must have been about 9pm and very dark.
I looked at my bedroom door thinking I’d go and see my brother and maybe ask him to shhhh!
As I looked at my door, I saw an image of a brown, hairy ear.
I watched this image slowly glide across my bedroom wall to the window.
As it hit the side of my window, it suddenly floated under my bed.
As it went under, I saw another image...this time of a mouth, this one also glided across the wall and floated under my bed.
I saw at least six images float under my bed of body parts...ear, mouth, nose, eyes and hands.
At the point of seeing these hands, I decided I was getting OUT of my room!
I very slowly pushed off my duvet and moved at the slowest pace I could go.
As both my feet touched the floor, I felt hands grab both my ankles!
I jumped, screamed the place down, and curled up under my duvet as fast as I could until my mother came to my rescue.
She switched on the light, asked what was wrong, I told her, she checked under the bed and everywhere else in my room, there was nothing there. That night I slept with my parents, I had nightmares for days!
A few weeks after, we moved into a smaller house, two story house.
My first night in my first bunk bed, I heard two girls under my bed whispering “Let’s get Lisa!"
After that, I refused to sleep in my room and took over my brother’s, much to his disappointment!"

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