January 13, 2012

Trippy Tales #50...Haunted Happenings!

 More spooky stories from the paranormal archives @ about.com!

"Dead Motorcycle Guy"

"I moved into an apartment not knowing anything about the previous tenant. One night I woke up, but couldn’t move any part of my body. (This used to happen infrequently.) I opened my eyes and saw this male standing in the doorway of my bedroom staring into the mirror over my dresser, which was right in front of the doorway. I can still see him. I was frightened and closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. After a few minutes, I opened my eyes again and he was gone. I did tell this to my friend who lived next door and she said that I had just described the guy who had lived in my apartment and was killed in a motorcycle accident. I had to move. I was too frightened to sleep in the bedroom at night."

"Shadow In The Underpass"
"About 13 years ago, several of my co-workers and I went to a small fair in Brewster, Ohio, which is located in the northeast part of the state. The main street into town has an underpass, which is lit, that goes underneath train tracks. The Wheeling-Lake Erie Railroad headquarters was located directly beside the underpass. We had walked about a half mile to the fair and were returning to our cars. It was about 11pm.

When we reached the underpass heading away from town, my friend Tom G. , told his girlfriend and I to wait for him while he went up the hill to the tracks to relieve himself. The other people in our party had kept on walking and were almost out of sight. As Tom's girlfriend and I waited on the sidewalk for him, we heard him scream! He came running down the hill, still screaming and ran past the both of us. We were wondering what was wrong with Tom when I saw his girlfriend look down at the sidewalk. She then ran to catch up with Tom.

I was standing there by myself when I saw it. It looked like a person's shadow, a silhouette of a head and shoulders but stopped at what would be the chest. It wasn't my shadow because it was totally detached from me and it's head was near my feet. At first I thought it was another person's shadow and I looked down the sidewalk. There wasn't anybody there. By this time I was well into the tunnel of the underpass which, as I said before, was lit. The shadow remained as strong as ever. Also two cars came down the street and their headlights passed across it but it still remained.
Even though it was summer, the closer the shadow came, the colder it got. The shadow traveled across the ground and came toward me. As soon as it reached my feet it disappeared. I then ran to catch up with Tom and his girlfriend. I asked Tom what it was we just saw. He said he didn't know, but when he was up next to the tracks, he heard a rock overturn and this thing came out from under it and chased him down the hill! I talked about this to a friend of mine and she said it was probably the spirit of someone who had been hit by a train and that's why the shadow was cut across the chest. Tom is in denial about what he saw, but I believe I came in contact with a shadow person."

"Ghost At The Bar"

"About four years ago, I moved to an apartment that was right across from a bar with a very peculiar name, "Shiminski's". It was a weird little dingy, lowlife sort of tavern with a certain 1970s dive nuance to it; you had to see to understand. One night I was bored with TV. It was about seven o'clock and I looked out my window to the old ratty tavern with the yellow sign on the corner, and for some reason I just had to go over and have a beer. I got my jacket, throwing regard to the wind and headed down the two flights of stairs and out the front door across the street over to the old place.

I finally got there and pulled open the 1970s dingy-looking solid door and entered a really foul-looking dive, which was almost entirely barren. I said what the hell and went up to the bar at a stool as an old bartender came up who looked pretty damn weathered himself as I ordered a Budweiser. The beer came up and I paid him, with a tip, and sat there for a few minutes and drank my beer, looking around the place as the curmudgeonly bartender was talking with an older black man at the other end of the bar.

Suddenly I felt the deepest, most depressing sadness overcome me as I caught something out of the corner of my eye next to me. I turned and there was an old woman in a red knit sweater with a really leathery skinned look to her sitting right next to me that I didn't see or hear come up and sit down. Her face was staring down at the bar, then up to the area behind the bar like she didn't see me at all. I looked at her for a second as the energy of sorrow and negativity was almost just like pouring off of her. It was such a miserable feeling like a great loss or something. Her hair looked like she was perhaps living on the street all black and in matted strands and her clothes looked like they would smell, but there was no scent to it. I looked back forward and sipped at my beer again thinking maybe I'd have a conversation with her, but then when I turned to maybe talk to her there was not only no one at all there, but the nearest bar stool wasn't even that close to me.

I just shook my head as I then stood up looking around me as the bartender caught my eye and came up and asked me if I needed something. I was nearly choking on that last sip of beer. "I'm gonna ask you a crazy question," I said to the bartender. "Was there just a woman here?" He just looked at me cockeyed and gave me a humorous anecdote with a smile about a woman being in this kind of place, but I asked him again seriously and he said to me confidentially that it has been rumored to have happened before where people occasionally claim to have seen a homeless woman dressed in rags (as he put it) in the bar as he then admitted to have even felt a presence from time to time there like a breeze when he opens and closes sometimes.
The story gained the attention of the older black man who came over and asked what was up. After a bit of a conversation about it for a few minutes, he said that he thought it was a woman who killed herself out back of the establishment after it opened in the early 70s. He has been in the neighborhood for decades and said that was the only thing he remembered that it could be. The woman jumped off of the roof supposedly and used to live in the same building somewhere. They told me about a man that claimed he saw a woman sitting at a table with him then disappeared and then about a bartender that walked to the end of the bar to serve an older female customer and when he got there, there was no one there. He thought she had fallen or something, but there was no one in the bar at all. I just finished my beer and went to head out after a bit of talk, but that was the freakiest thing that I have ever encountered. There is no doubt that there was an old haggard gypsy-looking woman sitting right next to me and I looked directly at her face (which appeared solid) as she stared off in her own world at the bar back. And even weirder (???) was she floating in midair beside me with no stool under her? The thought really freaks me out, with absolutely no explanation for it whatsoever!"

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