February 6, 2012

Trippy Tales # 55..."The Floating Shoe" & "Black-Eyed Waitress"

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"The Floating Shoe"


"This happened June 21, 2003 in a small town in Nebraska. The night was nice and warm, and we were inside watching an old movie. I was a child and was with my aunt and sister. The mother and father were drinking with relatives outside by a fire having fun, and we were, too.

At the end of the movie, the TV shut off. All I know is the remote didn't have any batteries and no one went up to turn it off. We went to the kitchen and let it slip our mind. We came back with sodas and junk food. (We were kids; of course there needed to be junk food to have fun).

But before we got back to the living room, we heard the screen door slamming not once but three times. We rushed into the living room and a shoe was sitting there in mid-air, not hovering up and down, but just in mid-air, completely still. In almost no time it sped off as if it was thrown toward us. It missed us, but it knocked over our tiny crucifix (which was made of glass) and broke it.

This incident broke my peace of mind, and every time we go back, I am always watching for something...waiting for it to happen again. I remember it as if it were yesterday."

Black-Eyed Waitress
  By E. Forster @ "Your True Tales"

"First, I just want to say that I have never been a believer in the supernatural, paranormal, etc. I think that everything has a logical explanation that maybe only seems "bizarre" because of a certain kind of over excitement that many people have about "an experience from the other side," or what have you. There is absolutely no explanation for what I'm about to share with you, and it absolutely scares the crap out of me. Just recounting this is giving me a really creepy feeling that I don't think I'll be able to shake, maybe ever...
About three years ago, I was sitting in a local coffee shop in upstate New York during a little road trip. The restaurant was empty except for me and the night waitress. She was really pleasant and talked a lot; she was offering places to check out while I was in town and seemed amazingly astute. In fact, she seemed almost prescient, even guessing my age almost to the day and month and even certain things that I was actually planning to do the next day. It was so light-hearted, I thought I really lucked out by meeting an easy-going, smart young lady quite out of my normal way.
At closing time, she went to the back to put some cash in the safe or something. As I was sitting there wondering what time I wanted to get up and hit the road again the next day, I momentarily thought I might even invite her for a few hours of "R&R." I decided instead, to just remember the store and next time I passed through the area, to remember to stick my head in a say "hi" (no reason, I just wanted to play it cool and not seem overanxious at very first).
So, I got up and knocked on the door in the back of the coffee shop where she went in. At this time, there were only two dim lights in the main eating area, and barely any lights in the back room where she was. I opened the door. This woman who I just finished talking to was standing facing me, JUST STANDING THERE in the back of this dark room when I opened the door. Her skin was suddenly a clammy, cracked olive color, and her eyes were just BLACK. I mean, no white at all. Her eyes and mouth was open really wide, and she was screaming in the most spine-chilling sounds, something I couldn't understand, but it definitely wasn't the sounds of good will!
I literally SCREAMED myself, and she started moving from one spot to the other through the room. Not running, just MOVING. Her clothes now looked all old, and she moved so fast; the back of the room must have been 15 feet or so back, and she just DARTED from one side of the back of the room, still facing me, to the other side, at an IMPOSSIBLE speed. Then she ran directly straight at me as I was now standing away from the door in the middle of the restaurant.
I got the hell out of there, and jumped in my car still seeing her nightmarish face in the restaurant, darting it seemed, to every window at this impossible velocity. The worst thing was, as I tore out of the parking lot ... I looked in my rear view mirror ... and she was SITTING IN THE BACK SEAT, still with that nightmarish expression, still screaming. Then she just vanished as I was panicking around. Just gone. 

I don't know what that was that spoke to me in the restaurant that day, but I know that it wasn't a prank. I swear at night sometimes, I see her shadow moving in the dark in my room, just grinning a really ugly, evil grin. 

I haven't slept properly since."

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