June 13, 2012

Trippy Tales #66..."Ghostly Roads & Haunted Highways"....Part Two

From Paranormal Haze.com:
"When we think about something being haunted, we think of asylums, homes, prisons and cemeteries. However, there is another place that can be haunted, and there are plenty of examples around the world. It is roads, and some roads have more spirits and ghost stories than most apparent haunted houses. So, what are the haunted roads that you should be aware of in your travels? No matter where you go it seems, on any continent, you are going to come across a road that locals and visitors cite as haunted. Here are just a few..."


June 4, 2012

Trippy Tales # 66..."Ghostly Roads & Haunted Highways"...Part One

Readers tell of their strange experiences while traveling...all stories are the property of about.com. Enjoy!

"Freaky Experience On The Road To Portland"

"I'm still not sure what or who it was that my wife (then girlfriend) and I saw on that dark and eerie September night. We had spent a nice Saturday evening in 2003 at a low-key birthday party for a dear friend in Tualatin, Oregon, and were driving home to Portland in the early hours of that following Sunday morning. My wife had limited her drinking and cut it off a few hours early, knowing she would be the driver that night. I had a few beers, but by the drive home I was sober and in a good state of mind. Knowing we were both in a sober and sound state of mind is what makes what we saw that much more confusing and upsetting.
We were coming up on the I-5 freeway from Tualatin, probably about a mile from the ramp, when my wife saw a pair of headlights coming up on us from behind at a pretty fast rate. The road was otherwise vacant of other traffic. Immediately she assumed it was a cop, so she mentioned it to me. I turned and saw the lights and told her to get over one lane to the left. By now the lights were caught up to us and as we switched lanes the car sped up to pass.
Just before the lane divided and forked off into the on ramp, the car caught up parallel to us. I heard my wife say in a trembling voice, "What the heck is that?" I turned to look in the direction she was looking. What I saw still terrifies me to this day.
The car was small and in the shape of an old VW bug. The driver wore a tiny top hat over his dread-locked hair. His head was turned a complete 90 degrees to the right, as if swiveling on his neck and looking straight at us with no regard for the road. His face is what frightened us the most. He was smiling at us, but his mouth -- his smile -- was not at all normal. It was HUGE. Distorted. It looked like something out of a bad horror film.
As those few seconds passed that we drove next to him, his smile grew... and grew... and grew until the parting of his lips exposed his small sharp teeth. His eyes also changed, but I could not explain in words exactly how... or in to what they changed.
We were silent. I don't remember any noise. Not even the road under our tires, the CD playing in our stereo, or the words of shock I KNOW were leaving our mouths. I do remember, however, that those few seconds seemed to last a long, long time. Everything slowed down and I felt as though I stared at his grin for minutes, hours, or who knows how long.
Then, as the road divided and we headed down the ramp to the freeway, he turned his head back to face forward and I felt as though a daze or weight or even maybe a curse just suddenly lifted and all things turned back to normal. I watched behind us for as long as I could see the tail lights of that car. They quickly faded, and that's when our terror set in.
Do we call the police? Will he somehow find us at our home? What was he? Was that real? Are we okay mentally? Who do we ask for help? Do we need help? Was that the devil? And most important, what the hell just happened to us?
The rest of the drive home was spent watching to make sure we were not being followed. We spoke about it, but both avoided talking too much and becoming overwhelmingly terrified. we got home without being followed and didn't speak of it for days, maybe weeks. But when the day came that we did finally talk about that night, the terror of what we saw became very true and real after comparing our experiences to confirm what had happened and what we had seen.
Now it is a story we have no understanding of. It's something we speak of very rarely, and almost never to other people. This is the first time our story has been told completely and totally for others to read. I guess my motivation for this telling is to hopefully connect with others who have either experienced the same thing or have knowledge concerning what happened to us."

"Black-Eyed Passenger"

"My encounter with the black-eyed people happened in August, 2009. I was heading home on I-75 in Williamsburg, Kentucky, and had just gotten up to the speed limit. A car came up next to me in the fast lane and slowed so that it stayed right next to me. I glanced over to their car thinking it was a coworker because they weren't passing, they were just keeping equal pace with me.
I could not believe what I saw in the passenger seat. It was female with jet black hair and the whitest chalkiest skin I had ever seen in my life. But the worst things were those black eyes. This person -- or thing, whatever it was -- kept staring at me non-stop, and as far as I could tell, unblinking.
They drove right beside me for about two whole minutes, and I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to slow down so they would go ahead and pass me. As they did, the black-eyed thing, person, kept twisting its head, staring, to the point that the head was facing backward and the body was facing forward!
I was so frightened I got off at the next exit so I didn't share the highway with them. I have never seen anything so scary in my life. I felt like I was in danger just being on the same road as they were. Thank goodness from that day to today May 19, 2012, I have never seen anything like it again!"

"The Ghost Van"

 "I believe it was 1985 or 1986. I was driving in a little Datsun 510 with my sister Kristine and friend Connie. We were in our early 20s driving to a party on a rainy night. We weren't familiar with the road. It was a three-lane road going one way and we were kind of lost. There were many cars on the road that night. I was driving at a normal speed (the same as the other cars) when all three of of us noticed, all of a sudden, a gray van right in back of us going about 100km/hr when we were only doing about 50km/hr. He was speeding right into us!
We didn't even have time to speed up or scream! Just as we saw him, a second later he was in front of us! The van went through our car like a ghost! I didn't and couldn't change lanes to my left or right because there were cars right beside me. When this happened my knees went all weak and I was having a hard time driving. For a about 30 seconds, the three of us said nothing because we didn't believe what we saw. Then one of us said, "Did that car just go through us?" We all saw it and experienced it. 'Till this day, when we see each other, it comes up in conversations. I will never forget it!" 

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