September 2, 2011

Trippy Tale # 37....Haunted Impala?

Hey y'all...found this on Yahoo Answers this mornin' & I thought ya might find it interesting...I sure did!

Was this a supernatural event?


"One day, I discovered an abandoned 1964 Impala in someone's garage, so I asked the owner of the house about it. She said it belonged to her husband...that he had died in it. Regardless, she decided to let me buy it. 
When I got home, I decided to get it started (which oddly, it did, even though it hadn't been started in at least 15 years.) That had been the last time she had driven it.
Driving down Highway 1 in California, I noticed that all of the sudden, after I turned a corner, all the road signs were very old. They hadn't used that style of signs in about 40 years! Also, I was being passed by cars that were made around 1964!
I was hesitant to believe that anything was out of the ordinary until I saw two groups of on a Harley with his girlfriend behind him, and the other in a 1963 Impala, racing each other around the curves in what appeared to be old cheerleader outfits (for the girls) and leather jackets and letterman jackets for the boys.
When I looked down, the instrument panel and interior was brand new looking! When I looked up, a 1960s era Semi truck came colliding in to me!
At the moment of impact, I woke up. 
Thinking it was a dream, I went over to the car and was horrified to see the odometer had changed! 
Do you think this car is haunted?"