May 28, 2012

Trippy Tales #65..."The Three Knocks Of Death"...The Conclusion

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"Last night, while I'm drinking and playing games on the internet, out of nowhere, (4am-ish) - I hear a knock, fast like a wood pecker one then, one two, three.  I couldn't place the origin of the knock, so I sat still, and called out a hollow "hello?"

Moments passed, and a few minutes, then again was the knock, one and 3 rapids. I say hello again, but get no answer.

I'm spooked and now I begin to pay attention to what's going on around me. I put my beer down. Put my smoke down and listened, then called out for them to come in.   No answer, so I settled down, thinking pipes-winter-frozen, stuff- .

No sooner did I get myself back, then the Knock came again. as soon as I got myself aware and logged into the game, the knock came again! Only much closer to me- past the door- near my desk.

Instantly alarmed, I dropped everything and went in search of these 'knocks', to find nothing. Dad is OK, on his side of the house, and so am I on my side of the house. Except I'm unnerved, three knocks, no-one there and the last knock was so close to me , to make me think it was on my desk. that I made a mental mark -"3 Knocks-look it up on the net"- .

I did not go to sleep for a couple more hours, thinking and listening for this "unknown visitor"- There was a definite approach to the knocking sound. The 1st being,"the front door?" and then the 2nd being,-"Is that my door?" and finally, the third Knock.
What the hell , is my desk breaking?- Where is that sound coming from?
And then nothing, no trace of anyone having been here- just me, and my beers. and that sound- it was an unnatural sound, the knocks came closer each time, yet they sounded like they were here with me in my room.
This has set me on edge. I did not do this to myself, nor would I want to.
I sat down to play some world of war craft, and drink beers. then this happened.

I don't really know what to think about it!
A couple internet sites, say that the 3 knocks means your going to die- shortly.

I don't know, but I do know these 3 knocks are the strangest thing that I have actually tried to deal with.
I mean, I said "Come In!!"- more than once, and well -you know the rest of the story-.
Am i going to die? Is there anything real about the 3 knocks?"

"My experience began in 2002 when I was woken up around 3:30 a.m. by three vehement knocks on my bedroom door accompanied by a woman's voice saying, "Wake up." I didn't recognize the voice as belonging to my mother, but I assumed I was merely groggy. Thinking that something must be terribly wrong, I rushed to the door to find no one there. I smelled a rat and began investigating, but to no avail.
About that time, I heard my mom getting out of bed and came to the door. She looked at me with squinting eyes and asked me who was at the front door. This confirmed my sanity, thank god. I've moved twice and had the same experience, minus the audible voice, twice at one location and once at the last.
I've been thinking about this since it happened, and I finally decided tonight to go online and see if there were any other people out there who've experienced this. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are some people out there who are looking for answers, too. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a forum dedicated to it, so I sat a few hours aside and started one. I'd love for you to come by and share your ghost knocking story at:

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