March 1, 2012

Trippy Tales # 59.....More Mysterious Stories!

Personal Experiences from around the web...

 Old Haunted House
By Erin @

"I grew up in an old house in Durham, North Carolina. The house was once a hotel for the train station across the road. I was told it was built in 1776.
When I was little, my entire family -- my mom, dad, and sister and I -- used to sleep in a room upstairs. As a kid, I hated that room. My mom told me that when my grandparents were gone someplace, she and my dad would hear doors slam downstairs. When my dad would go check it out, he would find the doors wide open, the way my grandparents had left them.
One night, when I was five and my sister was ten, she and I were in the living room, dancing to the radio. My sister suddenly stopped and looked at the steps, her mouth hanging open. She ran into the kitchen where our mom was and I, being only five, ran after her. I heard her telling my mom that she'd seen an old lady with a long black dress and her hair up in a tight bun gliding down the steps. I never saw her, but my sister swears up and down that she saw the woman.
When I was 16, I slept in a room upstairs -- not the room we all slept in when I was little, but another room. I used to wake up every night between two and three a.m. to hear footsteps going up the steps toward my bedroom door.
One night, I had this dream: I was standing next to this old man who looked like he was in his early 60s, maybe early 70s. I stood there looking at this man with my mouth dropped like I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and then the dream changed to me standing at the foot of the stairs by myself, and I was hearing footsteps going up the stairs toward my door.
I woke up and lay there, thinking, "Why did I dream that?" Then I started hearing the footsteps getting closer and closer to my bedroom door. At the time, I had long hair, and was laying on my left side. I felt something pick up my hair and sling it over my shoulder.
I was so scared that I couldn't move or scream; I was frozen in place. A few years later, my boyfriend moved in with us, and one day I was in the dining area where we all sat to watch TV. My boyfriend came running downstairs, looking like he had seen a ghost.
He told me he was sitting on his bed, watching TV, when he saw a lady with long blond hair and a white dress standing in front of his bed. He said he got up and ran as fast as he could. A few minutes later, he decided to go back upstairs to his room -- he was braver than I was.
He came running back downstairs a second time, yelling that she appeared to him again, only this time he asked her what she wanted and her answer was "I want YOU!"
I have never seen him so scared before.
It didn't take the both of us long to get out of that house."   

The Ghost Runner 
By Krystal @

"The night I first saw the Ghost Runner, it was just my brother and me in the house.
I hated being home alone with my brother, but it happened a lot when I was growing up. I avoided hanging around him as much as possible, even when I was little; he irritated me and I didn't like to feel young.
I was standing in the hallway outside of his room, the one place he never looked for me. At the other end of the hallway was my room, and next to that was my parents' room. All the lights were off except the one right behind me, my brother's, and I was gearing up my courage to head into my room. The darkness terrified me. I had to stare into it long and hard before I was sure I had the courage to rush in and flick on the light.
This time, though, there was something in my room. I couldn't tell my brother, so I stood and watched it. Whatever it was, it was darker than the darkness, a gray-black figure that rushed from my parents' room through the wall and into my room.
Choking on a scream, I bolted into the computer room, on the other side of the house, and curled up in the corner shaking. My brother glanced away from the computer screen long enough to snort laughter at me, then left me there for the rest of the night. I made sure the light stayed on and sat awake all night, thinking about the being I named the Ghost Runner.
A few years later, it returned. I was in the living room doing homework when I started to drift off. My eyelids were heavy, but not so closed that I couldn't see a gray-white figure dash across the walkway between the dining room and the kitchen. That jerked me awake, and I snatched up my homework and ran to my room. Something about my room felt safe.
I finally ventured out a few hours later to get a glass of water, because my throat felt dry enough to be a desert. My shaking hands managed to pour some water, and I went to put the jug back into the fridge when I hit the spot in the kitchen where the dining room can just be seen. A figure sprinted by in the corner of my eye; it looked just like a person, so I figured it was my brother, trying to scare me.
I whirled to yell at him. My jaw dropped. A gray-black human figure was running through our walls and doors, back and forth across the house. The water jug clattered onto the floor, spilling its contents onto the tiles; I ignored it and sprinted to my parents' room.
But I pulled up short at their door. They wouldn't believe me that I'd seen a ghost. So I kept the Ghost Runner to myself.
Through the years to follow, I did extensive research on what the Ghost Runner might have been, because although I never saw him again, he still haunted my visions and my nightmares. An obscure article I finally came across spoke about shadow people, supernatural beings that walked in and out of walls.
I figure I'd found the Ghost Runner."

Cindy's Revenge
By Lilli @

"My cousin, Daniela, was always a very mean little girl. She would always break our toys and hit us. When she was about eight years old, her family moved to a little town called Sonora in Texas. They lived right next to a church along a creek called "The Devil's River."
It was Daniela's birthday, and she received a lot of toys. One toy, in particular, stood out – a very pretty doll. She called it ‘Cindy’. She decided she wanted to play school with the doll, her little brother and myself. Of course, being the mean girl that she was, she had to be the principal. She grabbed a ruler and would spank us with it, when we didn’t do what she wanted. The doll got most of the whippings.
That night, after her party, we all spent the night at my cousin's house. It started to rain, and the creek filled up. It was very dark, so I had trouble going to sleep. When I finally fell asleep, I was awakened by a really loud scream. We all ran to Daniela's room. She was on the floor crying that her back was burning. My aunt lifted her shirt to reveal a bunch of long, rectangular marks - like a ruler! We looked at her bed, and there was Cindy, sitting next to the ruler!"

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