July 10, 2012

Trippy Tales #67...Scary Stories To Make You Shiver!

Ghouled Evening my faithful followers, and thank you for visiting the playhouse!

Tonight's Tales were borrowed from ghostvillage.com, and they're sure to give your bones a chill! Enjoy!

"Evil Drawings In A Drawer" by Shauna @ ghostvillage.com

"I moved to California on a whim. At the time (February 1979) I was in the process of getting a divorce, so I was single and had two small children. I was hoping to do a little better for them and myself. I rented a place that was great the first couple of months I was living there. It was a two-bedroom with a large living room, a great back yard that was fenced in, and across the street from me was a liquor store. A block up the street was a convenience store. Life was good. I met many new friends.

About two months after I moved into the house, I noticed that many times when I came home from work something would be misplaced, such as my keys. I would have trouble finding paper work I needed because it never was where I left it. Things moved around, however, I never witnessed anything moving. I knew that my girls were not the culprits, as they were only two and three at the time. They could not have gotten up and put things on top of the kitchen cabinets, or put things in the freezer, or put things in the kitchen cabinets. It just seemed like too much was happening.

One night after I had put the kids to bed, I was just getting into my bed and noticed that I could hear one of three balls rolling around in their bedroom. It was a small, multicolored foam ball that had a jingle bell in the center. I could hear the jingle bell tinkle tinkle tinkling. I was thinking that my older child had gotten up and was playing in the dark. I turned on the bedroom light, and she was sound asleep in her bed, and her sister was sound asleep in her crib. The ball was in the middle of the floor. I just picked it up and threw it in the toy box. I no sooner got into my bed, and again, the ball was rolling across the floor. Now I am thinking that it must have rolled off of the top of the toys in the toy box, so I picked up the ball from the middle of the room and this time I stuffed it down inside of the toy box to make sure it did not roll off the top of the toys. Well, guess what? I no more than hit my bed and it was rolling around again. As soon as I turned the light on it quit again. I was very frustrated and thought that this ghost was trying to make me lose my mind. I had many sleepless nights in that house, as things bumped and banged in the night, but never could see anything. Many times I felt like I was being watched or that someone was next to me, but I never saw anything. The hair would stand up on the back of my neck and arms. I finally got used to it and just would address the ghost when something was missing asking it to please put it back. I was never afraid of this entity, as it never hurt me or my girls. It was noisy at night though.

My girlfriend brought over a medium thinking she could help me. I did not know this person but she would not come into my house. She told me that my house was evil and left abruptly. I was shocked. I did not feel that it was evil at all. April of 1980 I had decided that I was going to move back to Wisconsin. I announced that information to my girlfriend when she was over one evening. We were sitting in the living room watching TV and drinking beer. (I had put the girls to bed already.) My girlfriend was going to run up the street to the convenience store to get us another six pack of beer as we were out. I stayed at the house waiting for her to return. I had a very large sofa that was very heavy. As soon as she shut the door to leave, that couch flew out from the wall with such force it threw me forward and then it flew backward and hit the wall. I was absolutely stunned. I was so scared I could not get off of the couch. It was a very violent incident. When my girlfriend came back, she looked at me and said, "What's wrong with you? You look like you saw a ghost," and laughed as she walked into the kitchen to put the beer into the cooler. I told her what had happened and she again told me that she couldn't understand how I could live in this house. Well, I was planning on moving back to Wisconsin the last week of April. Guess what? I moved back the first week of April! I was going through belongings getting them ready to pack when I opened a drawer that was in a hutch that was built into the dining room. I had never pulled the drawers out completely before, but I was dumping the drawer contents into boxes for moving. I came across some drawings that were underneath the drawer when I pulled it out. They all fell out. I was shocked. It was drawings of devils and demons. Lots of symbols and signs were on these drawings. I never finished looking at them. I promptly burned everyone of them in the fireplace. I was only in that house for another four days. I did not bring any belongings back other than my children, clothes, and the girls' toys. I left absolutely everything in the house. That was the first week of April 1980. In July of 1988 I went back to Valle Vista to see if that house was still standing. It was not. Someone had bulldozed it down and there was nothing left but a lot. I am so glad that house is gone!"

"Ghostly Childhood Memories" by Amanda @ ghostvillage.com

"When I was six, my sister Teri was five, and a visiting friend named Stephanie was five, we lived in a haunted house and saw the most unusual ghost I have ever heard of!

Teri, Stephanie and I were waiting outside for Stephanie's parents. They were visiting from England and had said they were ready to go and it would only be a "minute". Adult to child translation--two hours.

We were standing between our car and their car, discussing how annoying parents are, when we noticed a plane flying extremely close. It was an old, unpainted, gray cargo looking plane. It was more boxy and round than streamlined, at least that's how I remember it.

We were very excited about a plane being so close and watched with fascination as the plane landed ON THE ROOF OF OUR HOUSE! Of course, being children, we had no idea that planes don't land on houses. We were just feeling pretty special and jumping up and down waving at the pilot. The pilot looked at us and laughed and waved back. It seems to me that he was wearing Red Baron like accessories. After a few moments, he took off again. He had come from the left side of the house and gone on to the right.

By this time, we were sick and tired of waiting on our parents, so we went in to see what the holdup was. We found them sitting around the kitchen table chatting. Well, I was just unbearably annoyed at my parents and hers and decided that I might as well be a part of the conversation since that was the only attention I was going to get.

"Did you hear the plane on the roof?" I said. My dad said, "Oh, Jacklyn, you're imagining things." I knew I wasn't, but after I thought about it, I couldn't remember the plane making any noise.

The whole subject was abandoned (not forgotten) until I was about 13 years old.  The family was taking a car trip when I suddenly mentioned the ghost plane event out loud. My sister, Teri, said, "Oh my God!  I remember that too, I thought it must have been a dream!" The correlation proved that it was real and I knew it was anyway because I have an unusually good memory. In fact, I can remember some things from before I could walk.

The really strange part of this is, how could an entire plane have been in the form of a ghost? An inanimate object?

That was not an isolated incident. That house was haunted! The very first night we stayed in our new house, Dad gave Teri and I flashlights in case we needed to find the bathroom in the dark.  Well, I needed to find the bathroom. So I sat up, found my flashlight, turned it on and shined it in front of me, to find a black male figure at the end of my bed.  He didn't speak, only turned his head to look at me.

I was so scared that I just turned off the flashlight, put it back under my pillow, laid back down and shut my eyes. I thought that he would go away if he thought that I was asleep. All night long I stayed awake with my eyes shut listening for the man.  I never heard him leave and so it was light before I could muster the courage to open my eyes. The first thing I did was go to the bathroom because after holding it all night, I was really uncomfortable.  After that, I went to my parents room and told them about it.  They said, "Oh, Jackie, you're imagining things."

When I moved to my own room in the same house, there were new events. Every night as long as I was in that room, a woman would come out of the wall. She was an older woman, kind of scrawny and scraggly. She would come and stand over my bed a moment and then leave the room. I was pretty sure that she was checking on everyone. She would always come back and go into the same spot of the wall that she came out of.

She would lean almost right on top of me so I thought that her eyesight probably wasn't very good.  She must have really wanted to see me. I wasn't scared of her after the first couple of nights.

Anyway, those are the three major things that happened in our haunted house. By the way, my parents never noticed anything.

The funny part of this story, is that this was a relatively new house-- the next one we lived in was over 100 years old and still had the woman's belongings in the second story. On top of that, she died in her bed in the kitchen.  However, nothing peculiar ever happened in that house."

"Unwanted Ghostly Roommates" by Tara @ ghostvillage.com

My fiancé and I had moved into our first apartment in late July. We had just got done unpacking everything about the second week of August and had finally gotten our bed put together. Our bed was situated so that if I laid on my back the window was to my right and there was a street lamp outside the window that was very bright. The first night we slept in our room I woke up about two in the morning. I was sleeping on my side looking away from the window but had a feeling like someone was behind me. I rolled over and perfectly centered in the window was a shadow of a man. There were no clear or vivid features of the man, just a black figure. I sat up really quick and as I did it ran around our bed, opened our bedroom door, and darted out into the living room. At the same time it ran into the living room the phone began to ring in one long ring and was in the middle of the living room floor as opposed to being in the kitchen where it was plugged in and always left. The blinds were swaying and banging into each other also.

I awoke my fiancé who could not find anything unlocked for someone to get into the house. I was almost convinced it never happen until my fiancé closed the bedroom door and we saw a hole in the wall where the doorknob had been slammed into the wall when it was opened by whatever was in the apartment that night. The following night I awoke to a girl standing at the end of my bed in a red polka dot dress with pigtails waving at me. We moved into another apartment the next week!"

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