December 3, 2011

Trippy Tales #48..."Childhood Paranormal Experiences" (Part Two)

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My original plan was to post this entry last night, but because of an ingrown toenail that's more hideous and frightening than any of these stories, I wasn't able to do so.

So if you were waiting on part two last night, I TOE-tally apologize for the delay!

Oh, I slay myself!

But now, with out further delay...

Part Two: of "Childhood Paranormal Experiences"...
"Astral Traveling" ??

"Although I have experienced stranger stuff as a grown up, I can remember a time back when I was very young. About 5-6 years I think...

I used to go down the long stairs to our second floor apartment alone and at the bottom I was holding on to the banister and I felt tired...leaned forwards. Then I started floating around...I could move where I wanted to down in the hall. I seemed to be in a sleepy mood, but can still remember the fear of someone coming in or down the stairs to see me in this state. I opened the door out once...peeked out,but no..if I went out someone would be able to see me so I didn't. I did this several times and one day it just stopped...and I seemed to have forgotten about it. I can remember I went down the stairs...put myself into the usual position..all memories of it was blurry. I wasn't old enough to understand how impossible and strange this thing was, but I started to think about it again in older age.

Up to this date I don't really know what happened back then. Once or twice I think there was something there with me too, but I never could see it. It could ofc be a very vivid dream, but it happened several times and at a particular place."
" Ya know, I hadn't posted because I couldn't remember anything that happened to me in early childhood that was all that significant, but I just remembered something very strange that happened when I was about seven. My bedroom was at the very end of a hallway and the bathroom was at the beginning of the hallway, so I when I would have to get up during the night to go to the bathroom, I would have to walk down that hallway in the dark... or with just what light was coming out of my bedroom to light the way. At the end of the hallway was the living room and there was a recliner sitting there. I remember on at least two separate occasions that I walked down the hallway at night to go to the bathroom and there would be what I called " George Washington" sitting in the chair... I would only see the back of the head... it would be white hair with a braid and it looked like one those powdered wigs that men used to wear during colonial times. It never did move... just sat there in the recliner with it's back to me. Even at seven years old, I knew there was no reason for the ghost of George Washington or anybody that looked like him to be in my house. I live in the middle of Kentucky, LOL! It's mostly a rural area and always has been so I seriously doubt that anyone like that ever lived anywhere nearby. So anyway, I never did say anything about it because I figured people would think I was nuts. Years passed and I had pretty much forgotten it, when my sister told me that she used to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and saw "George Washington" sitting in that recliner in the living room, lol! So, I have no idea what some George Washington looking guy was doing in my house! In the same house, I was around the same age and in my bedroom one night, and my little brothers crib was across the room from me. I was sitting up in bed talking to him and saw a black, shiny alligator looking thing appear under his crib, throw it's head back and then disappear... scared the hell out of me!

Another thing I can remember, but I'm not really sure about is seeing my father after he passed away. I was only 4 when he died of cancer, but I can remember going into stores and seeing him talking to people and I would tell the person I was with that my daddy was over there, but they would tell me that no, he's "gone to heaven" and he can't be. So, I don't know if I only saw someone that LOOKED like him or if I was actually seeing his ghost.

Just one other thing that comes to mind is that once, my grandmother was holding me when I was about three and I very clearly saw a little dog run across the floor and disappear. My grandmother never had dogs in the house."

"Adolescent Poltergeist Activity" ??


"Yeah, I've got a good one that is far different from these others. I have always had paranormal experiences since childhood, and as a teen, I experienced so many different psychic experiences of differing types, that most were distinct from the others. For the sake of space, I will refer to the most significant childhood experience I had.

I have a lot of sleeping problems,  even as a child. I was so terrified of spiders that I refused to sleep in the dark. Well, when I was about five years old, we lived right next to a slaughter house (butcher) and shared the parking lot with him . My window in my bedroom looked out directly into this parking lot.

The butcher would cast the waste (guts and intestines) out on the patio at the end of the day for disposal the next morning.
One night I was sleepless so I went to the window and looked outside for some reason that I don't know. I was completely entranced at what I saw, I noticed these nasty looking blobs (guts) out on the patio. Next thing I saw, these guts slowly get up and take a creature like form and start walking around! I was so scared I never have forgotten it. I have seen statues that look like these things did. The head was like a tube that came up and lopped forward and their bases took the form of legs, but these also looked like walking blobs with figures like arms as well.

The statues I have seen when I was twenty looked a lot like they did, and there was a Satanic picture where there was a Satyr playing a pan flute to an audience of creatures that appeared as those guts did. They had no faces, nor hands or feet, but had the figures of arms and legs with a tube-like head that lopped over towards the front. I still don't know what it was, but I believe it was evil. This is only one of many stories I could share, but this is the one that I will never forget!"
And these are only the tip of the tombstone of terrifying tales that I will share with you! Stay Tuned for Part Three, where I will tell my own childhood experiences.

And if you have any of your own, please add them to the comments section below! I'm always interested in hearing my readers' stories!

Until next time...take care, and remember to sleep with your fright light...err..."night light" n!