March 23, 2012

Trippy Tales #63..."Spooky Surrency"....Part Two

A bright yellow ball of light was first seen along railroad tracks near the small town of Surrency in the early 1900s. According to one website, it is theorized that the phenomenon is caused by "a geologic anomaly deep under the town of Surrency. The anomaly, discovered in 1985 during a regional seismic survey, is theorized to be a convex shaped pocket of liquid about nine miles underground, unlike anything else in the world. Scientists are puzzled by the anomaly, since liquid is not supposed to be able to form so far underground."  But sometimes...even scientists don't have all the answers!


Below is an eye-witness testimony from "Vidaliasweetonion" at ""
(edited by yours truly:)

"I saw the spotlight ghost on the Railroad tracks in Surrency, Georgia when I was a teenager in high school. It was my best friend and I, and our boyfriends out together one night, trying to decide on something different to do.
We bravely decided to drive to Surrency and park under the bridge, then walk down the tracks in hopes of seeing the spotlight ghost. So many of our friends had done it and they said it was for real! We lived about 30 minutes away from the town, so by the time we got there, (even though we were all a bit creeped out from driving that dark, lonely highway for so long) we had to go through with it.

As we pulled down the lane to park under the bridge, scary, satanic-looking graffiti jumped out at us as the car's headlights hit them. We parked and my best friend shut off the car. We all got out and set out down the tracks, making a promise that no matter what we saw, we wouldn't run. The night was very still and dark with no stars and no moon, but as our eyes adjusted, we could see that the track seemed to go on forever with dense, tall, pine forests starting at about 25 feet from the track on either side. 
As we got to about the 200 yard line, we had relaxed by then and were laughing and cuttin' up when suddenly, my best friend said ''Look!'' and we all looked up to see a tiny white/yellow light a good 100 yards ahead of us.
We froze in disbelief as the light grew brighter and appeared to be moving toward us gradually down the tracks. As it swayed and hovered (all the while coming closer) it started to turn greenish, then bluish, then purplish, then red, and that's when she said ''Y'all, it looks like its moving faster now! '' That's when I looked behind me to see that my brave boyfriend and hers had just turned on their heels and were high-tailing it back to the car!
I didn't need any more convincing either and grabbed my friend's hand. We were turning and running after the boys as fast as we could, without tripping over the cross-ties. We all made it back to the car and piled in, locking the doors behind us. She cranked up, kicked it in reverse and we backed out of that spot with the headlights once again lighting up the devilish faces and symbols of the local graffiti artists work under the bridge.
We freaked out the whole way home, and my friend's boyfriend was unusually quiet. He did not want to discuss it at all! It scared him that bad!  I couldn't explain it, but knowing it's there is enough for me! I will not be back to those tracks again!"

I hope you enjoyed today's entry and that you'll join me for the conclusion of "Spooky Surrency".....materializing sooooooon!