November 30, 2011

Trippy Tales #47..."Dead Man Walking"

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Tonight's Story is another Trippy Tale from the archives at

"This incident happened to my girlfriend when she lived in Idaho. The year was 2001. It took place in the small town of Holly. Her house was right next to a main highway. One evening around 7:00, when she was alone in the house watching TV, she heard a loud crashing sound. She went outside to see what happened. There in the road under a street light was a car on its side with lots of smoke pouring out from the heavily damaged front end. She was a little frightened, realizing an accident had just occurred. The streetlight had some damage on it and was bent a little. It seems the driver lost control and slammed into it.

She started walking toward the vehicle to check on the driver and possibly offer assistance when a man came out from behind the car. She called out and asked if he was alright. This person stood there for a moment with a blank stare on his face, started looking around, looked at the car, then down the road. Again, my girlfriend called out & asked if he was alright. He looked right at her with no expression and started walking back to the other side of the car.

In the glare of the streetlight, she noticed the clothes he was wearing: a blue shirt with long sleeves, brown khaki pants, black shoes and wearing what looked like a headphone set. He had short black hair and looked to be like in his early 20s. She also couldn't help but notice that if he was the driver or passenger, his appearance was well groomed. Nothing was out of place, which was odd, considering the magnitude of the crash.

It was then my girlfriend went back inside the house and called 911. A police car on patrol with two officers quickly showed up. One officer quarantined the accident site with flares while the other tended to the victims. My girlfriend went up to one of the officers and told him she made the emergency call. He asked her routine questions about what she observed or heard for his report. Soon a firetruck and ambulance arrived along with curious onlookers who came upon the scene.

My girlfriend described the man she saw to the officer and inquired about his condition. She then saw the medics pull somebody out from the wreckage onto a gurney and start administering aid. As she watched, she realized it was the man she saw! She barely recognized the clothes because they were soaked in blood! One of the medics took the headphone set off that he was wearing and covered him up with a yellow sheet. She was informed by another officer the person was deceased! Died on impact!

My girlfriend started to freak! Even the officer who took her statement was at a loss for words. My girlfriend now firmly believes she saw the man's ghost or spirit. A spirit that was so abruptly taken from the body due to the accident, which explains the confused look on the man's face. When she thinks about that day she gets a little scared. At the same time, she feels sad for the victim, his family and friends. He was a young man."

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Trippy Tales #46..."Louisiana Pineapple-Headed Demon"

Another creepalicious tale from the archives of
 "Louisiana Pineapple-Headed Demon"
(By Ginny G.)
"I am so glad I found this site because something unsettling happened to me when I was young and I want to share the experience. This happened to me when I was 12, in Louisiana.

My grandfather had business in the area so we stayed at this old plantation that had been turned into a bed and breakfast. The plantation was beautiful but had an eerie feeling to it.

The rooms we stayed in were located towards the back of the house and for some reason nobody else seemed to stay on that floor. I had the room closest to the back and then there was a door connecting my little room to my grandparent's bigger room.

I remember feeling very important and grown up because of the fact that I had my own room all to myself. If only I had known what was to happen to me all alone in that room.

The first night we stayed, I had gone to bed. I awoke in the middle of the night and glanced to the bottom of my bed and to my horror, saw something standing there looking at me!

It was about the size of a man and all black except for its face. Now this is very hard for me to describe but it's face seemed to resemble the shape of a pineapple -- it was round and big on the bottom half and then tapered off into a cone-shape on the top. It had big round eyes and a grotesquely large grin, almost as if it had been meticulously painted on. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen!

And as it gazed back at me, it let out a chilling laugh and as it did so, its entire head seemed to fall off! As if its mouth was the only thing connecting it to its neck. This thing laughed and laughed like that until I began to shriek with fright.

I flew from my bed and grabbed the doorknob but it wouldn't turn. I turned it with all my strength but the door refused to open and this THING was behind me cackling the whole time!

I began screaming as loudly as I could and pounded on the door. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the door opened and my grandparent's startled faces appeared. I ran into their arms, sobbing and shaking and told them there was a demon in my room.

They checked the entire room, out the windows, in the closet, under the bed, and found nothing but I absolutely REFUSED to sleep in there again. They let me sleep in their room that night and the next day we left early.

The bed and breakfast attendant asked my grandfather why we were leaving so soon and my grandfather replied, "My grand-daughter, Ginny, said she saw something in your backroom." The attendant gave a strange smile and said, "I'm sorry to hear that. Safe travels."

The fact that the attendant smiled and didn't ask what I had seen was really weird in my mind. 
Obviously, they knew something we didn't...?"

Wow...that was obviously, one

November 28, 2011

Trippy Tales #45..."Disturbing Disappearances"

Borrowed from "Dr. Ryles' Strange Sites: The Paranormal & Bizarre Blog"

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Tonight's stories are about strange and mysterious disappearances.

History is peppered with intriguing tales of people who, for all intents and purposes, inexplicably vanish from the face of the earth without a trace. These stories – some of the most fascinating in the annals of the unexplained – vary from being well-documented to having the flavor of mere legend and folklore.

"Time Tunnel" 
In 1975, a man named Jackson Wright was driving with his wife from New Jersey to New York City. This required them to travel through the Lincoln Tunnel. According to Wright, who was driving, once through the tunnel he pulled the car over to wipe the windshield of condensation. His wife Martha volunteered to clean off the back window so they could more readily resume their trip. When Wright turned around, his wife was gone. He neither heard nor saw anything unusual take place, and a subsequent investigation could find no evidence of foul play. Martha Wright had simply disappeared!

"The Strange Case Of David Lang"
This famous case allegedly took place in September, 1880 on a farm near Gallatin, Tennessee in full view of several witnesses. The two Lang children, George and Sarah, were playing in the front yard of the family home. Their parents, David and Emma, came out the front door, and David headed off across a pasture toward his horses. At this time, a buggy carrying family friend Judge August Peck was approaching. David turned to walk back to the house, saw the buggy and waved to the judge as he strode across the field. A few seconds later, David Lang – in clear view of his wife, his children and the judge – disappeared in mid-step. Emma screamed and all of the witnesses rushed to the spot where David once was, thinking perhaps he had fallen into a hole of some kind. There was no hole. A thorough search by the family, friends and neighbors turned up nothing. A few months after the unexplained disappearance, the Lang children noticed that the grass on the spot where their father vanished had turned yellow and wilted in a circle measuring about 15 feet in diameter.

"The Village That Disappeared"
 An individual that vanishes is one thing, but how about an entire village of 2,000 men, women and children?! In November, 1930, a fur trapper named Joe Labelle made his way on snow shoes to an Eskimo village on the shores of Lake Anjikuni in northern Canada. Labelle was familiar with the village, which he knew as a thriving fishing community of about 2,000 residents. When he arrived, however, the village was deserted. All of the huts and storehouses were vacant. He found one smoldering fire on which there was a pot of blackened stew. Labelle notified the authorities and an investigation was begun, and which turned up some bizarre findings: no footprints of any of the residents were found, if they had vacated the village; all of the Eskimos’ sled dogs were found buried under a 12-foot-high snow drift – they had all starved to death; all of the Eskimos’ food and provisions were found undisturbed in their huts. And there was one last unnerving discovery: the Eskimos’ ancestral graves had been emptied!

"The Stonehenge Disappearance"
The mysterious standing stones of Stonehenge in England was the site of an amazing disappearance in August, 1971. At this time Stonehenge was not yet protected from the public, and on this particular night, a group of “hippies” decided to pitch tents in the center of the circle and spend the night. They built a campfire, lit several joints of pot and sat around smoking and signing. Their camp-out was abruptly interrupted at about 2 a.m. by a severe thunder storm that quickly blew in over Salisbury Plain. Bright bolts of lightning crashed down on the area, striking area trees and even the standing stones themselves. Two witnesses, a farmer and a policeman, said that the stones of the ancient monument lit up with an eerie blue light that was so intense, that they had to avert their eyes. They heard screams from the campers and the two witnesses rushed to the scene expecting to find injured – or even dead – campers. To their surprise, they found no one. All that remained within the circle of stones were several smoldering tent pegs and the drowned remains of a campfire. The hippies themselves were gone without a trace!

"The Disappearing Diplomat"
British diplomat Benjamin Bathurst vanished into thin air in 1809. Bathurst was returning to Hamburg with a companion after a mission to the Austrian court. Along the way, they had stopped for dinner at an inn in the town of Perelberg. Upon finishing the meal, they returned to their waiting horse-drawn coach. Bathurst’s companion watched as the diplomat stepped over to the front of the coach to examine the horses – and simply vanished in to thin air!

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November 27, 2011

Trippy Tales #44..."Thanksgiving Ghost Stories"

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It seems that ghosts don't appear at just Halloween, and in honor of the Thanksgiving holidays, I've included some Thanksgiving ghost stories, taken from "". I hope you'll gobble 'em up!;) 

"Great-Grandpa's Thanksgiving Visit"
"This took place November 25th, 1982, Thanksgiving night. My entire extended family was over for the holiday. I was 12. We all sat down in the dining room to eat our big dinner. My Dad had led the prayer. My Grandma started to cry and said we need to pray for Mom, meaning her mother, my Great Grandma. Her name was Bertha. She was now 100 years old and in a care home. She was about to turn 101 years old, and her quality of life was not very good. My Grandma asked God to take her, she's tired. The entire family bowed their heads and agreed.
I gobbled my dinner down and snuck away from the table to play with a toy my Grandma had given me earlier in the day. I went and sat at the top of our basement steps, while everyone continued to eat. I was sitting there when I heard this shuffling noise. I looked to the bottom of the stairs, and this elderly man with a hunch back wearing a black suit and using a cane walked up to the bottom of the stairs. I froze. He turned his head and looked at me and shuffled off, out of my view.
I jumped up and ran to tell people at the table what I just saw. I got the old Shoo! We are talking. I was scared this person was not a guest that night.
The next morning the phone rang. My Dad turned and told everyone Great Gran died this morning. I never ever forgot what I saw, but never understood who it was until 2005 when my Mom passed and I received a huge box of old family photos. I saw the old man in one of the photos. On the back it said Otto. That was Great Gran's husband. He passed well before I was born; I had never seen him. I knew then that there is definitely life after death. I saw my Great Grandpa in the basement. I think he was there for the holiday, and to take his wife Bertha to Heaven the following morning."

"Thanksgiving Shadow Giant"

"This incident happened to me when I was very young, and it still chills me to the bone to this very day. My parents, my brother and I went down to Virginia to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins for Thanksgiving. Since my cousins' house was full of relatives, my family got the basement to sleep in. My brother and I both got cots to sleep on and my parents on the roll-out couch. The basement was located on the lower level of the house and there were twin double-glass doors (covered by a thin white curtain) at the back of the basement that led into the backyard. My brother's cot was closest to these doors.
One night I awoke and rolled over, wondering what had awakened me. For some reason, the backyard light was on and I distinctly remembered hearing my aunt say that they would turn it off so we could sleep. So why was it on? I glanced at my sleeping parents and then back at the the light shining through the white curtain.
That's when I saw it: an enormous dark shadow was standing outside. I could only see the outline of it since the curtain was drawn. It had to of been at least 9 feet tall and its "arms" (or were they wings?) were stretched out on either side, reaching at least 5 feet in length. And it just STOOD there! Didn't move. Didn't do anything.
Terrified, I squeaked out, "Dad!" to no avail. I looked at my father sleeping soundly on the bed next to me and then my brother sleeping close to the double doors and the thing on the other side. Deciding to awake my brother instead, I scrambled out of the cot and went to move toward him when I heard a strange, scratching voice say, "They can't hear you, Lindsay."
I remember almost jumping completely out of my skin! To be addressed directly by an unknown enitity is the scariest thing to happen to you, believe me! I quickly crawled back into my cot, tossed the covers over my head, and began sobbing and shaking uncontrollably until I finally fell back to sleep. (The thing was still outside in the light when I fell asleep.)
The next morning, I told my parents what happened and they just laughed, saying it was probably just a nightmare. I know what I saw though. I can still remember what it felt like to touch the freezing cold basement floor with my bare feet.
Later in the day, something weird happened. I overheard my grandmother on the phone with someone. I didn't catch everything she was saying, but I did catch a certain sentence which was: "Well maybe that is what Lindsay saw outside the double doors last night." I ran upstairs and asked my parents why they told everyone what I saw, and they both looked at me and insisted they didn't tell anyone because they were certain I just had a dream. So I confronted my grandmother and asked her about what she said on the phone and she looked at me blankly and said that she hadn't been talking to anyone on the phone, that she had been in the kitchen the entire day, helping with the preparation of the turkey. My Aunt even vouched for her.
To this day, I am mystified about what happened to me that Thanksgiving all those years ago. I know it wasn't a dream. And what would've happened had I thrown back the curtain to reveal what the shadow creature was on the other side?"

"Thanksgiving TV Apparition"
 "I was the only one awake at about 6 a.m. after an all-night stint of cooking to prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner I was preparing (gotta love that English/American background, twice as many holidays). Anyway, I was watching a children's show called "The Hoobs" on channel four which was about to end in favor of some American sitcoms. The adverts came on and in the midst of an advertisement for some upcoming awards show, I had an urge to take a photo of the TV and did..."

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November 20, 2011

Trippy Tales #43...Return Of The Shadow Man!

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Whether you're a first time visitor or a returning reader, I do appreciate you dropping by!
If you've been following my blog for any length of time, then you're probably familiar with my posts on the "shadow man"...if you haven't followed it, then please allow me to introduce you to him.

Or perhaps, like many others, you've already met him...

Below are some tales from people who have.

"One night I got up to go to the rest room. When I looked toward my window, I saw shadow of a man in a hat shaped like the one Dick Tracy always wears. Then all of the sudden it banged on my window, violently, three times. I hid under the covers, scared to death. I fell back to sleep in the fetal position, and awoke the next morning knowing it was not a dream. I have heard and think that when you are in that state where you are half-asleep, I think you can see things you normally can't see or maybe even block out while you are awake. My friend agrees. When I told her about my experience, she said, "You see the gray man, too!?" Apparently, she and her husband have both seen almost the same thing. She came out of her house one morning, kind of tired, and saw this man that was gray in color with some of the same feature I described earlier, though he was more than just a shadow - he had a face and he looked right at her; he looked as if she had surprised him, like she shouldn't have seen him. At first she waved it off, blaming it on lack of sleep, but when she told her husband about it later that evening, he replied, "So you finally see it, too." They have also had other paranormal things that happen in their apartment, like ghost sightings and such. It is a weird world, isn't it?"

"I was in California, Santa Maria to be exact. I was visiting a campground near the dunes, just sitting around talking with my friends. We saw what looked like distant torches or lights coming across the way. We thought nothing of it at first, but there seemed to be more, so one of the men went to take a closer look. He came running back as fast as he could, and this is not a person that scares.
He said, "Turn off the lights and be quiet." We did because he was so scared it scared us. We asked, "What did you see?" He said, "They look small. I'm not sure." So we waited. We could see "them" -- small, about three feet tall, black globular forms, shaped similar to a bowling pin, but black, no distinct features on their "faces." They did not touch the ground and seemed to be oblivious to us they were close -- about 50 yards, a group of them, maybe 8 or 10. They made the atmosphere seem heavy.
We watched for a while and then they seemed to fade. I have looked in Native American folk tales and everything that pertains to the description of these shadow creatures, but have found nothing. If anybody knows, please let me know."

"I'm from Pulheim, Germany, near Cologne, and I want to tell you about my horrible experience last year. It was the 11 November, 2008 in the morning. It was a full moon. I am the director of a kindergarten. My duty began at 7 a.m. I arrived at maybe 10 minutes to seven.
As I opened the door, I felt uncomfortable, so I closed the door. If someone wanted to come into the kindergarten, they'd have to ring the bell. Then I started my job, and laid the tables. You have to know: We have two groups, and this means two rooms. If you want to go into another room, you have to go through the hall.
I just laid the table in one room and wanted to take some plates out of the kitchen. I was just entering the hall when I saw this shadow thing walking from left to the right through the hall, looking at me. It was about three meters away from me! I heard no noise, and it looked like it was walking, but I think it was floating through the hall... it's difficult to explain.
It was a man-like figure -- a black outline. It was a bit like a big Oscar figure in black. Like a man in a Superman costume, totally black, without any face. But I knew it looked at me without any face; it was just the posture of the head.
I was standing in front of this creature, watching it. I couldn't believe it. I felt a fear I never felt before. My hair stood on end (and this is not just a phrase) as I watched this figure for about three to four seconds. Then it disappeared behind a wall. After this figure was gone, I started to run after it, but it wasn't there. But there was no way out. There was a door, but it was closed.
Now, next week will be October, and I'm very scared it will happen to me again! Since then, I am very happy to see that this is an experience of many people, and that I'm not going crazy."

Before I started this blog, I had not heard of the shadow man. I wasn't aware that such a thing even existed. And were it not for the literally thousands of stories on the internet about this being, I'm not sure that I would even be inclined to believe in "him"...but after reading all the stories and seeing all the accounts from different people all over the world, I can not deny that it could be possible. That such an entity really could exist.

How about you?
Have you seen him?
 Has he seen you?
 More trippy tales coming soon!

November 6, 2011

Trippy Tales #42..."La Luchesa" & More!

" La Luchesa"

"This happened about 10 years ago, or at least before the Mexican drug cartels began making tourism to Mexico the extremely perilous voyage it is today. Ten years ago, I was about 18 years old, and my best friend invited me to attend a family reunion which was held in Matamorros, Mexico. Matamorros is a border town, and if you've ever been to Mexican border towns, you know how impoverished they are.
We got to the bridge that separates Mexico from the U.S. via Brownsville, Texas at about 10 a.m. Since neither of us had ever been to Mexico before, we had a bit of a struggle trying to find the motel where a lot of her relatives would be staying during the reunion. Being lost in a foreign country, even if your home country is just a few hours away, can be kind of scary.
When we finally found the motel, we were greeted by the sight of four men in a doorless, topless jeep, with one of the men holding a machine gun. He wasn't brandishing the gun in any threatening manner. It was more like he wanted everyone to see he was heavily armed, and messing with him would not be wise. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything quite like that before. It was yet another of several firsts that my trip to Mexico would thrust upon me.
My friend and I were contemplating whether we should get out and look for the "rooms" where her family was staying, or remain in the car. Thankfully, the guys left the motel parking lot and we continued on. My friend and I were very apprehensive about staying at the motel after seeing those militant-looking guys.
When we got to the room her parents were staying in, we were shocked to see that there were only dirt floors, no air conditioners or fans to cool off from the intense summer heat, and there was only one toilet and shower that everyone at the motel had to share. I really didn't want to stay there for one night, let alone three (which was how long the reunion was to be). But I didn't want to be rude or seem like a spoiled American, so I kept quiet.
When I stepped outside for a cigarette, my friend quickly followed behind me to tell me that she really didn't want to stay at the motel either. We decided to party until midnight, which is when the border closes until morning, then stay at a motel on the American side of the border until day two of the reunion. The reunion was going to be at a big ranch owned by one of my friend's relatives.
Since we weren't familiar with any of the roads, we followed my friend's parents to the ranch. When we finally got there, the reunion was just starting to get fun. There was a dj, some bouncy houses for the kids, and more cases of Corona than I've ever seen in my life. I was careful not to drink too much since we were planning to drive back to the U.S. later.
Unfortunately, my friend started partying really hard. By 10 p.m., she was passed out. I was fairly confident that I would be able to find my way back to the main road that leads to the border crossing as long as someone could tell me how to get from the ranch to the main road. Just about everyone there was either drunk or didn't speak English very well. I started looking around to see if I could find any of my friend's relatives that I knew, but the more I searched, the more I began to realize that I didn't recognize anybody.
By 10:45, I managed to guide/carry my inebriated friend to the car. I figured I could call my friend's parents on my cell phone to ask for directions on how to get the main road. Of course, being out in the middle of nowhere, I couldn't get a signal. I tried for about five minutes to get some kind of signal, and when I didn't, I decided to try to find the road on my own.
Where we were, none of the roads were paved, or named for that matter, which wouldn't have made much of a difference anyway since there were no street lights to help us see. The roads were extremely narrow at certain points, and there were several areas where, if you were just a little off, you could fall down these very steep drops. I assume these drops led to ditches of some sort, but they were way down low. If we had fallen down one of the steep embankments, days could have gone by without anyone even noticing. There were no guard rails or reflective signs to warn drivers where the steep drops were, so I drove very slowly.
As I was driving around looking for anything familiar that might confirm that I was at least headed in the right direction, I was also simultaneously trying to get a cell phone signal, wake my friend out of her stupor, and checking the time on the car radio.
By 11:45, I was legitimately lost. There was still about a half tank of gas, but with no way of knowing where I was, I might as well have been on empty. I decided to turn back around and head back in the direction I was coming from. I realized that once again, nothing about the landscape seemed familiar.
About a mile down the dark and very desolate dirt road, I saw some kind light. It was dim and it didn't look like car headlights. The light lasted only a few moments and then it just went away. As I drove further, I caught a glimpse of what looked like a person standing on the side of the road. You may recall that due to the dangerous driving conditions I mentioned earlier, I was driving very slowly.
I drove another 30 or so feet and again, I saw some kind of figure, which was now standing on the opposite side of the road. I began to feel extremely uneasy. Whatever I was seeing was following me. I began screaming my friend's name as loud as I possibly could to wake her up. I wanted so badly to just drive as fast as I possibly could, but if I did that, I probably wouldn't be here writing this today.
Anyway, my friend came to and I frantically explained to her that not only was I lost, but that something was out there, following us. Right as my friend doubtfully proclaimed that nothing was out there following us and that I was just being paranoid, we heard an awful, piercing screech followed by the sound of something slamming down on the roof of the car! I tried so hard to focus on my driving despite the fact that I could no longer see anything because now I was crying out of the sheer terror. My friend, who was also screaming and crying suddenly went silent.
"Gina," she whispered. "Look. Look out your window!"
When I looked, I saw this large humanoid creature running alongside the car. I pressed the gas and accelerated my speed up to around 35 mph. The creature easily kept up right along with us.
"What the hell is that?" she screamed. I took my eyes off of the creature so I could focus on driving, when I looked again, the creature had vanished. Thinking maybe whatever it was had left, I slowed down a bit.
Then it landed right on the hood of the car. It landed with such force that the hood caved inward. It looked right at us and revealed a set of razor-sharp claws. I did the first thing that came into my mind which was to slam on the breaks to hopefully throw the creature off. It let out an even louder, more blood-curdling screech before hitting the road. It wasn't as hard a jolt as I would've liked; it certainly wasn't enough to kill it, but it did throw the creature off. Then the creature stood up and darted off into the pitch-black landscape.
My friend and I were in a state of pure terror, unsure of what was to come next. The whole ordeal felt like it lasted for no more than 45 minutes, yet when I looked at the clock again, the time was around 5 a.m. We somehow lost about 4 hours, which I found to be quite disturbing. If I had really been driving for so long, I should have been out of gas by then. Yet, the gas gauge was slightly below the quarter tank line.
After about 20 minutes had passed since the creature last attacked our car, we were still quite lost, but with dawn approaching, we quickly found locals who could direct us back to the main road. After we reached the motel, we told everyone about our terrifying experience. We were told of a legendary creature known as La Luchesa. It's similar to Native American creatures called Skinwalkers. They are supposed to be witches who disguise themselves as owl-looking creatures.
As you can imagine, we didn't exactly get to enjoy the trip as much as we had anticipated. We cut the trip short and headed back to the U.S."

"Second Avenue Poltergeist"

"The year was 1976 and I was eight years old. My parents rented this house from in International Falls, Minnesota, on 2nd Ave E. Things didn't happen right away. Then one night I woke up cold. My blanket was gone! And wouldn't be the last time either. I sat up, looked around. I saw my blanket was under my bed, all neatly spread out. I just grabbed my blanket and went back to sleep.
In our kitchen, my mom had these four wooden plates that were hung up above the cupboards. One night I heard something fall. I got up, walked through the house and didn't see anything until I got to the kitchen and saw the plates on the floor. I was just a kid. I didn't know what to think. So I got a chair, pushed it to the counter, climbed up, and hung them back up. I tried telling my mom, but she said I was dreaming. How was that possible when I physically hung them back up?
I told my best friend Debbie. She kinda believed me. My dad was on a baseball team, and he was playing that day, so I stayed home with Debbie. It was starting to get dark out. We were watching TV when all of a sudden the bathroom faucet turned on! We looked at each other, got up, held each other as we walked to the bathroom. The hall light was on, and sure enough the water was going full blast! We crept closer, turned the light on. I turned the faucet off, then we both took off running and screaming to her house.
She was a believer. My parents didn't want to hear it. I never stayed in that house alone -- ever.
Several days later, again my parents were at a baseball game. I was next door. We were bored, so Debbie suggested, "Let's see who can make the fastest peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We walked outside to equal distance of our doors. Then she yells, "GO!" I took off running and ran into the house. The living room was so dark; the heavy drapes were drawn. So I started my sandwich when something called my name, "Crystal...." in a long, drawn-out whisper! I jumped, turned around, and stood frozen to the spot. The living room was so dark! I couldn't move! I think I stopped breathing. I don't know how long I stood there.
Finally, I just took off running. I saw Debbie and she yelled, "I won!" Then she saw my face and she said, "You are so white!" I told her what happened. From that day on, I never ever went in that house alone, day or night.
We moved two years later. I am 40 years old now. Sometimes when I am alone and relaxing, it comes to me -- my memories of those events, still fresh. I'll never forget."

More Trippy Tales...
 Appearing Soon!

November 5, 2011

Trippy Tales #41..."Disappearing Victim" & More!

 "Disappearing Victim"

"Let me start by saying I'm a total skeptic when it comes to ghosts and aliens and other paranormal stuff. Seeing is believing and I had never seen anything paranormal before this and I haven't seen anything since. But I'm sure of one thing -- I have absolutely no explanation for what my boyfriend and I, as well as at least six other people, saw.
The incident I am writing about took place in Michigan in the spring of 2008, sometime in late March to early April. I was in the car with my boyfriend on I-96 headed West; it was a little after 3 PM. We were coming up on the exit for Farmington Rd when my boyfriend shouts, "Holy @$#%! Look at this!"
I look over to the left and see this girl sliding down the grassy bank on the side of the expressway. She looked about mid to late twenties; she was really pale with shoulder-length brown hair and she was wearing and old-looking cream colored slip like you would wear under a dress and no shoes.
She looked absolutely filthy, like she'd been in a dungeon for years. I couldn't believe my eyes as she started running across the expressway. It was mid-afternoon but the expressway only had a few cars on it at the time, but the cars that were around slowed down to avoid hitting her and probably to watch in amazement, like me and my boyfriend -- so I know we were not the only ones who saw her.
She scrambled over the cement wall median and across our side of the expressway. When she got to our side I could see her a little closer and it looked like she was running from someone or something. She looked terrified, as if she was scrambling to get away from something.
As she started climbing up the other side of the of the expressway and our car was almost right next to her, she just disappeared into thin air, just like that!
My boyfriend and I both said at the same time, "Did you see that? She disappeared!" We got off on the Farmington Rd. exit. The whole time my boyfriend was looking out the back window for her. We even pulled over in the gas station right off the exit and got out and looked around for her but she was nowhere.
I don't know if she was a ghost or from another dimension or what, but I know what I saw was real and so does my boyfriend. I know the people who were in the other cars on the expressway that day saw her, too."

 "Intrusive Bedroom Ghost"

"Even though I wasn't the main witness to this story, I was the main character. The following story happened to my wife and I on October 9, 2011. My wife and I recently got married this past June and she moved in to my apartment.
At her house, she had a long history of paranormal encounters, which included watching a lady in yellow walk in and out of her room at basically any time of the day! she also had the feeling of being watched at night.
Me, on the other hand, had witnessed a few things in my house, but nothing to the point where I was paranoid. As a side note, my favorite color is red so I painted my room walls red and the top and bottom part of them black.
This night we fell asleep at our usual time, maybe 11 p.m., not knowing what 3 a.m. had waiting for us. I sleep on the right side of the bed, which is the opposite to the wall. To my right I have the TV maybe four feet away from me. My wife claimed she started having the feeling of being watched. She ignored it, but the feeling was so intense that she opened up her eyes to see a woman around 30-35 years of age just staring at her with an odd, blank face. She then tried wiping her eyes, thinking she was still asleep, but the woman was still there.
At this time she had tried to call me, but I wouldn't wake up, so she just ignored her and eventually she disappeared. That's not all. She fell back asleep when maybe an hour after the incident she awoke to find me asleep face up with my right arm stretched as I normally do. This same lady was now lying next to me, on my right arm and with her head resting on my chest, watching her with that same look.
My wife tried waking me up again, and when I did the woman was gone and I did have a strange feeling in my right arm. I tried to be brave and told her it must've been a dream, but in reality I couldn't. I was frightened!"

"Touched By Evil"
"Location of occurrence: Norman, Oklahoma. Time: June-July 1993. Type of occurrence: Evil spirit, shape shifter, scary sounds, disappearing apparition, black smokey swirling mass, bright flashing lights.
I was 18 years old and had just moved into my first loft apartment with my high school sweetheart. It was a two-story loft with a balcony on the second floor that we could overlook down on the first floor and hear everything.
The first few weeks we were there, nothing out of the ordinary happened. My boyfriend worked long hours as an irrigation worker and left at 5 a.m. I did not work and I was enjoying my first summer after graduating from high school with my friends.
One morning he got up for work and left at 5 a.m. and I woke up and heard him leave and decided to put a cd on and go back to sleep. I woke up for some reason and I saw my boyfriend kneeling by the bed just quietly staring at me. He did not blink and had no expression on his face. I stared back at him and wondered why he was home so early. I glanced at the time on the nightstand and it was 8 a.m. exactly. I was too tired to ask, so I just stared back and smiled. I noticed his clothing and it looked like he was wearing work clothes, but he had sweat bands on. I thought that was strange because I knew he didn't own any.
Here's the part that changed from sweet and innocence to complete horror. He stood up and tapped my arm three times and walked into the wall and vanished into thin air. This startled me and I sat up quickly in bed, and my arm was tingling from where he touched me. That tingling sensation went up my arm and through my whole body and it was in control of me. I watched my hand in horror as my fingers moved by themselves in a robotic sort of creepy way. I tried to say something, but nothing would come out of my mouth. Nothing. The room was eerily quiet, but I could breathe just fine.
I tried three times to say something, and every time I tried I kept telling myself that this time I would really really try... and nothing. Finally, I said to myself that I would scream and as I was screaming I heard a faint sound and it got louder and louder and I realized it was my scream coming to me. I could hear myself again and had control over my bodily functions and couldn't believe what had just happened.
I jumped out of the bed and ran to the wall where I saw my boyfriend disappear and looked in the closet, the bathroom, and downstairs and I realized that nobody was home. I grabbed the closest pair of shoes I could find and grabbed my car keys and ran out the door in total panic and fear. I would not go back until I was sure my boyfriend was home.
I told him what happened and he looked at me like I was crazy. I dropped it because I knew he didn't believe me. I was wondering if I was crazy and didn't mention it again.
A few weeks later, I was having horrible fights with him. We could not get along and there was so much hatred and jealousy between us. It got to the point that I decided to sleep downstairs on the couch. I was wide awake lying on the couch and listening to a cd when all of a sudden I saw a bright flash of light. It looked like someone took a picture in the room. Then I saw what I can only describe as a black swirling smokey mass coming toward me. I was so frightened that I ran upstairs and was tripping over myself in a panic. I jumped in the bed with my boyfriend and curled into a ball and couldn't even talk.
He was very concerned and kept trying to get it out of me. I started to catch my breathe and right when I was about to tell him, we heard glass breaking downstairs. It was not the sound of just a single glass breaking; it was the sounds of large chandeliers falling and breaking into a million pieces. It was loud and coming from downstairs inside our house. It happened about four or five times and stopped.
My boyfriend looked concerned and he said, "Wait here. I will be right back."
"No," I said. "I am coming with you."
We crept down the stairs. He went first and we were both expecting to see glass everywhere, but there was nothing. We checked the cabinets and couldn't find anything that broke. My boyfriend looked at me and said, "I believe you." I told him that I was moving out that very next day because I knew I couldn't possibly stay there and feel unsafe.
I moved to North Texas to be near family and have never had an incident like that happen again. It was an evil entity and powerful and I was afraid of what it was capable of doing. In a moment all my beliefs that I had been taught as a child had been shattered and it changed my perspective forever. I was taught that ghosts can't touch you and I learned that they can!"