May 3, 2011

Trippy Tale # 19...(Part Two)..."Nurses' Ghost Stories"

Nurses' Ghost Stories

From Grannynurse:
"I don't know if this qualifies as a ghost story but here it is. I was taking care of a 12 year old with aplastic anemia. A week before she die, every day, at 12:15PM I would get a cold chill across the back of my neck and the hair would stand up. I mentioned it to the evening nurse, who was convinced she would die at that time. Several days later, her parents decided to cease all treatment. She lasped into a coma. At 12Noon, she woke, asked me to hold her up, said goodbye to her parents, grandparents and siblings. And die in my arms. It was 12:15PM."

From Rogramjet: 
"I got called to a code in the hallway. A patient was being transfered from the ER to the floor. She passed away in the hall. According to the tech, they were carrying on a conversation, the lady looked up, said " Oh, here comes God, I think I will go with him." She passed away right then.

Here's another: I worked my way through nursing school as a housekeeper/security. One time the other man on security got a call from the nurses in the LTC floor of the hospital. They said they needed help because there was a ghost. (Like the night housekeeper is going to be able to help you!) So he asked her what kind of ghost it was. She wasn't sure what he meant. He asked her if she could see through it. She said yes. He said then it can't grab you, so don't worry about it. Now if you can't see through it, maybe there is something I can do.

The nurses weren't amused, but I think it is funny!"

From Luv2banurse:
"I was on break outside in a gazebo at a LTC facility with a CNA. The CNA pointed out a black cat on the roof of the facility and said, "Everytime that cat shows up on the roof, someone who's bed is near the cat...dies". Sure enough, later that shift, the lady who's room was under the cat did die. I told my teenage daughter about this, and it kind of gave her chills. We were looking out of our window and our own black cat jumped on the pickup truck and from there up to our roof. THAT gave both of us chills.

About twenty years ago, in a different LTC facility (before I was a nurse) I was going to assist the night nurse with vital signs. I told here I saw something white "floating" down the hall. She said it may have been a resident walking, I said "no, it was floating". About the area where I saw this, we had a linen cart covered with white and I assumed maybe that is really what I had seen. The first room we went into, of course, was near the "spot". As I was putting the BP cuff on the resident, the nurse said "never mind". I didn't get it, and continued to put on the cuff when the nurse said "she's dead, and I believe you saw her soul leaving". Well, being easily spooked, that job didn't last much longer!"

From Timothy:
A couple, retired military captain and his wife, Margaret, sold their house to move to Florida. It so happens that they sold their house to the State - the state was going to use it as a resident home for mentally disabled teens.

After the closing, but before they moved, Margaret died in the house. The Captain had to move cause the house was already sold.

Do you know where I'm going with this??

Residents always referred to 'old lady' that they always saw. Nursing staff just referred to her as 'Maggie'.

Now, late at night, when the residents were asleep, if the staff put the TV on more adult programming, like 'Red Shoe Diaries', etc., the TV would turn off, and when turned back on, would come on on a different channel.

There was this one nurse, it was like the house was out to get her. She'd swear that 'the carpet tripped me'. When cupboards opened, knives would fall out aimed at her. Turns out this nurse was eventually fired for abusing and stealing from the residents.

Maggie takes care of her "children".

This was represented to me as a true and ongoing story."

From Chad:
"An agency nurse asked us if we would not laugh at her if she told us something weird and everyone told her that they wouldn't. She said that she walked out of a room from starting an IV line and saw a black figure going down the hallway. That same morning, in six hours, three residents died. Coincidence?"

From Nurse KLW72:
Here's a few stories...

A friend of mine who is also a nurse used to work in hospice. She told me about a patient that she cared for that was a very mean individual who was hateful to her family as well as the nurses who cared for her. As this woman was dying, she became very afraid and started yelling that she was burning! She screamed & wailed about burning right up until she died.

I used to work in an old hospital built in the 1930's. I worked on a med-surg unit. In room 7, the beds used to raise up & down by themselves. We called maintenance, who checked the beds out & said they were fine. While the beds were in the hall, they didn't move. Once they went back into room 7, they started moving again.

Our old facility has closed down and we have since moved into a new hospital. There is some rumor that the land was once a cemetary. The night before we moved into the new hospital, the fire alarms went off & it was discovered that the burners were turned on in the kitchen. No one had been in the kitchen that day. The first week of staying at the hospital, one patient said her window kept swinging open. The handle to open the window is difficult to turn & the patient was unable to get out of bed. There is a pet Cemetery nearby. Several patients have reported seeing cats & dogs in their rooms. Even my grandfather stayed there for a week & kept saying there was a big yellow cat in the corner!"

From Chad:
"I was walking past the nurses station on one of our units just before breakfast time and saw this big black figure that was behind a chair raise up from about three feet tall to seven feet almost touching the ceiling and it was coming my way over the counter. I moved my butt on out there quickly, come to find out when I shared this story with the folks who had worked 11-7 the day before and one of them had seen a big black figure go by and they both heard it make some kind of mournful moan as it went down the ramp to the other unit. I nearly fell over when I found out I wasn't the only one seeing it that day. We both described exactly the same thing with even the same gait."

From Schroeder's Piano:
"I worked at a hospital where you would see a nurse in the old white dress and cap walk down the hallway and smile at you. Then she would walk into a patient's room and apply wrist restraints. All the nurses knew her. It was just Mildred who died 60 years ago. You just had to follow her so you can take the wrist restraints off! Creepy!"

Now you just stay put, and I'll be right back with part three!
Don't go wandering the halls now...
You never know who (or what) might be lingering...

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