January 20, 2012

Trippy Tales # 52..."Lovely Spooky House"

"Lovely Spooky House"
By Carrol @ your true tales
"I lived in an old two-story house in a small town called Amonate. This was in 1978. My husband and I rented it from a very old lady. She and her husband had lived there since they were married, but she moved in with her sister, I guess because she was too old to be alone.
I fell in love at once with the house. It was lovely. The lady told me it was very old and that Civil War soldiers had hidden out there during the war. It had a beautiful winding staircase that led up to three bedrooms. I noticed a red stain on the top of the stairs that led down and into the kitchen where a larger stain was. The old gal said her husband had been accidently shot and the stains were from where he dragged himself down the stairs and made it to the kitchen before dying! Well, that was kinda creepy.
I scrubbed and scrubbed, but it would not come off. Downstairs had a living room, kitchen, bath, and a large room I called the ballroom. It had mirrors all around the walls and nothing else except a bar over in a corner. Lots of room for dancing, as I imagined there had been many parties there. We settled in and everything was ok. The thing I noticed first was that I could never take an afternoon nap upstairs because every time I tried it was as if someone were shaking the bed, so I'd get up.
One winter morning, not long after we moved in, I was going to go back to bed after sending my husband off to work. It was still dark outside so I thought I'd lay down for awhile. I decided to leave the light on in the ballroom, which was at the foot of the stairs. I lay down and was getting comfy when I started hearing voices. It was as if there were a large gathering, but far away so that the sounds were muffled. I could hear a man's laughter. It really scared me. My first thought was that someone has broken in to rob me. I grabbed my husband's shotgun and started for the stairs. The hair stood up on my neck as I reached the top of the stairs, for there were no lights on now in the ballroom. The house was very dark.
I slowly crept down to the foot of the stairs, now hearing only my heart beating. I quickly flipped the lights back on and there was nothing, not one thing out of place.
Each day around 1:30 p.m., as I'd sit watching the soaps, I could hear footsteps running up the stairs. It happened every day at the same time. This is strange, too. The living room had a large walk-in closet. On the outside of the closet there were half a dozen bolt locks. I wondered why? On the door that led to the living room were several bolt locks also. The fireplace in there had been completely covered over with wallpaper. I took it off, naturally.
One day I was cleaning the hearth when I heard dogs. Many dogs as if it were a fox hunt or something. The thing is, the sounds were coming from the fireplace. I ran outside thinking maybe there were dogs barking and the sounds were coming down the chimney, but there were no dogs anywhere and all was quiet. When I returned to the fireplace and bent down, I could still hear the dogs, but they seemed to be getting farther away until the sounds faded away completely.
But the scariest thing of all happened early one morning. As before, my husband went off to work and I went back to bed. It was getting daylight just so I could see everything, but still not yet daylight. There began this pounding sound as if someone were beating the door down wanting to be let in. I was so scared again, thinking as usual that somebody was trying to break in. So I started downstairs again, shotgun in hand, only when I got downstairs, the sound was not coming from the front door, but from somewhere in the living room! The pounding was constant, non stop. I peeked into the room and realized the pounding was in fact coming from inside the closet! It was as if someone were pounding with their fists trying to get out. I yelled, "What do you want?" But the pounding continued. I stood frozen in my tracks for what seemed at least five more minutes and then suddenly, it stopped. It took another five minutes or more to get up the nerve to open the closet door. I was half expecting to see something jump out and grab me, but when I swung open the door, nothing!
I can't explain to you how creepy this was. I wonder to this day if someone were being locked in that closet and maybe died there. Why all those locks? We moved after that incident. My husband also felt bad vibes there. Although I loved the house, I just think some really bad things happened there."

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