June 25, 2011

Trippy Tale # 31....."The Hole In The Attic"

From Kyle Bruce @ "Cosmic Log"...

"You'll have to excuse the secondhand knowledge on this one. I actually was present at the time, but way too young to remember. This story was related to my family by my father about an occurrence that happened to him and his brother...

"When they were younger, my father was helping his brother renovate a one-story house for his family. (I was in another room asleep, or so I was told) Anyway...

They were working in the living room of the house on a ceiling fixture. He was standing on a ladder in the middle of the room and removing a fan in order to install one of those new, light fixtures/fans.

"After he removed the fan, there was a hole in the ceiling about 24 inches wide that should have led up to the attic. My uncle, curious to see what was up there, got out his flashlight and poked his head through the hole. He then climbed down from the ladder, packed up all his stuff, and made my dad take me and him back to my grandmother's house.

"He didn't tell my dad what he saw until they were about 20 miles down the road...

He said that where there should have been fairly small attic, there was an exact replica of the living room they were standing in, right down to the wall fixtures, dresser drawers in the corner, same wallpapering and exact same colored carpet.

The only difference was, where the light fixture should have been in the replica room, there was another empty hole into blackness directly above his head! 

He didn't end up moving into that house and sold it a few weeks later."

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