April 3, 2011

Trippy Tale # 9...Part Two...("The Outer Realm")

"My First Astral Projection And Haunting Followers"

"I astral projected and did a lot of things and have proof that it wasn't a dream, but some things started happening after I projected and this is how it went...

It was three days ago, when I woke up that saturday morning around 8:00 a.m. I wanted to astral project. Many people have their ways of doing this, but the way I astral project, is by consecutively sleeping again and again.

By doing so, relaxes my body to an immobile state. Now that I'm immobile, I thought of leaving my body and I did. I was floating above my bed and I looked at my body and I was out cold! I was amazed that it worked!

I flew through my wall and flew threw the sky, but it felt different from in my body. The air you feel on your face was much better and the sun made you feel more warm.

After joy riding out of my body, I felt a disturbance and it felt like my body was being disturbed at home. So I thought of warping into my house where my body was and there I was at home! Now I freaked out!

I was in my room and I saw my cousin chewing gum and he was throwing the wrappers at me laughing. Then he walked into the living room. Next, my older brother came and took his red and black hat he just got to show my parents.

My body started moving and waking up so I was being magnetized back into my body. I tried to fly but I couldn't get away.

Here's when it gets interesting:

I jumped up and ran to my cousin and said why did you throw wrappers at me? He replied how did you know I did that?

I told him "I saw you" and he started to laugh. Next, I went to my brother and asked "you're going to wear a red and black cap right?" He said "yeah why?" and he pulled it from behind him.

I was right! I did see them, but my body was asleep and I knew I achieved astral projection for the first time. But that night, weird things happened...

I was watching t.v at 9:38p.m. and I was hearing a screech noise in my head... it would make a sound and leave, then return. Then on the left side of my head, I got a really cold chill, so I knew some sort of anomaly was nearby.

It was dark, so I went to cut on the pantry light which is connected to my kitchen, and I had enough light to look into my front room and saw a human shape figure, pitch black like a shadow, but it had a pattern on the sides of it's head like a silver thunderbolt going horizontal. I ran because it moved so fast towards my direction.

I ran into my room next to my dog sleeping. My brother and cousin came and I told them and they didn't believe me. It was at 12:40a.m when everyone arrived home and went to sleep and we heard whistling in our room.

Now that I astral projectected, I see more weird things lately. Yesterday, someone was behind me, following me up the stairs to my house, and my dog stares at the bed like he spots somebody. Maybe it's a side effect fom astral projecting?

Even now, I feel those chills on the left side of my face, and when I do, I see something. But my brother told me that means I have heightened awareness and I see things other people can't.

The black cloak guy pays visits here and again, but never does anything just glares and leaves. I thought having a thing to sense spiritual activity was in everybody, but I'm the only one in my family who sees this."

I apologize if this story was a little hard to read, but I thought it was very interesting, since it was written in 2008, but is so close to what the Insidious movie was about!

 (Here's a clue...it has a lot to do with Astral Projection) and this story was so close, that it almost seems like the script to Insidious could've been (loosely) written from it.

In fact, the movie even talks of "followers" like were mentioned in this story.

There are theories that some people are so well accomplished in astral projection, that they can enter an "outer realm" and be followed home by malevolent "followers" who wish to possess the living person's body.

(Ok, a little far-fetched maybe...but it makes for a great horror movie!)

Stay Tuned For Part Three...Following Soon!

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